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The evolution of mankind

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  • The evolution of mankind

    The evolution of mankind

    Once those chaps cowered on the trees,
    hairy and with a grimly visage.
    Then they were lured from the jungle
    and the world was asphalted and extended,
    up to the thirtieth floor.

    There they sat now, fled from the fleas,
    in centralheated rooms.
    There they sit now at the telephone.
    And still prevails exactly the same tone
    as at that time on the trees.

    They hear far. They watch television.
    They are in contact with the universe.
    They brush the teeth. They breathe modern.
    The earth is a created star
    with lots of water flushing.

    They shoot the letters through a pipe.
    They hunt and breed microbes.
    They provide the nature with all comfort.
    They steeply fly aloft to the sky
    and stay up there two weeks.

    What their digestion has spared,
    they convert into cotton wool.
    They split atoms. They cure incest.
    And by style investigations they detect
    that Caesar had a flat foot.

    Thus, they created with the head and the mouth
    the progress of mankind.
    But apart from that and
    watched in the light
    they are still after all
    the (same) old apes.

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