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Blue haired one: path

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    Blue haired one: path

    The blue haired one, dancing gaps across the bridges of the wind, leaping foward to where the light reaches away

    Sound aray once more, fading back to the decaying shadows until brightness again once more

    A memory breaches but closed gaps shuts away where your eyes no longer reach for only the brightness to pull you away

    Hearts content though mirrors reach of the secluded leech sought through the waters reflection yet only the skies drift

    What is it that pushes you away? Dawn to break yet night to shower though only for you to be in disarray

    Sitting upon the lamps, standing tall with your distant presence to be on the silent breathing map

    Clapping roads (with your feet) as your hands pass through the gates of time, you drift away wherever your eyes pounce to be

    Perculiar indeed, written to be, standing to be, as your fading walk passes the closing roads, memories glitter to rest to fade

    As you seek once more, the world branches more in continous softening blossoms, leaves to fall while passing darkness to shore
    (lay on the temporal shadows)

    You rest only with spoken time drawing you more but sudden vanish when you envelope your wandering nature that engulfs the mountains womb

    Do you ever recline your thoughts to the gleaming shadows that beared fruits?

    It would be fine to shine though you act with strangeness that catches expanding space, vibrant arrows directing to grace

    Observing on a sparkling path on wind never more. Sight to be be, sight to draw

    The skies blazes it's reach, stretching pass it's bladed flash where the lighted companion (the lamp) will seek

    Travelling water at the belly of the sky, worlds flock of lotus, drifting afar

    Blue haired one
    I am just a simple nomad.

    Ephemeral reader