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4 years

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    4 years


    It was a Friday after ASR
    I was having nikkah on the roof
    Four years later and We both mastered NASA
    You were raised a Saudi princess
    Phones through the post,topping colllege tests
    But I’ve never seen you lusting
    Never seen you snorting at others
    You never left Zeb Un Nisa to go and enjoy freedom
    They said i was mad to marry someone I’d never seen
    They said I was mad to go so far
    because I seen white in my dream
    But I can see why our paths crossed
    Sin city maybe but you keep our hearts white with purity
    4 years and counting
    An angel ,a blessing
    I now have three angels on my shoulders
    "If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement."