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By night the heroes advanced

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    By night the heroes advanced

    This nasheed was originally dedicated to the besieged in Dammaj by Houthis in 2011.

    Lyrics and Translation

    بليلٍ مضي الأبطال شدوا وابحروا
    وكبّر داعي الله فيهم فكبروا
    ولاح لهم في الأفق نور ففارقوا
    مضاجيعَهم شوقا وللجد شمروا

    By night the heroes proceeded firmly and sailed
    The caller to Allah [da’i] shouted takbir, so did they
    A light gleamed to them on the horizon and they departed
    their beds with longing. They rolled up for diligence.

    وَساروا علي امواج بحر كانها
    جنانٌ بتحت البحر والريح تَصفُر
    تُطوي لدك الليل والفلك تَختفي
    تطاها جبال الموت حينا وتظهر

    They walked upon tides of sea, as if there were
    paradises under the sea, the wind whistling.
    If they hided the night would ruin and the ship disappear
    mountains of death would step on it occasionally and emerge

    ولكنهم سارو وشبّو طريقهم
    وفوق ذري الامجاد حلّوا وعسكروا
    علي صفحة التاريخ في كل ليلة
    شموخٌ لهم يُروي ومجدٌ يسطَّر

    However they marched and thrived their path
    and above the tops of glories they settled down and camped
    On the page of history at every night
    their resistance is narrated and glory lined down

    جماجمهم جسرٌ علي متن ذلةٍ
    عليه من العلياء نخطوا ونعبرُ
    فيا ربُ الحقني بهم في جماعةٍ
    كتابك يهديهم وسيفُك ينصرُ

    Their skulls are a bridge on a text of disgrace
    we tread on it from height and cross over
    Oh Lord, bring me together wit them in a community
    Your book guides them and your sword assists

    تَدين لنا الدنيا جميعا بأسرهِ
    فما بان للأجدادِ كسري وقيسرُ
    ًولتجعلن يا ربي نفسي رخيصة
    تُباع وتُشري بالدنايا وتُحقر

    The world convicts us altogether with its captivity
    What had the Emperor and Khosrow set up for the ancestors?
    Verily, I will make my soul cheap oh my Lord,
    being sold and bought at low quality and humiliated

    ولا ميتتي من اجل دنيا اصيبها
    اوافيك مغلول بها يوم أُحشَر
    ولكن شهيدا ابتغي الفوز مغنما
    جنان ورضوانا من اللهِ اكبر

    My death is not for the sake of a world I will obtain
    Appearing with it before you shackled on the day I am gathered [Yawmu’l Hashr]
    But as a martyr, seeking the obtainment as a gain
    Paradises and the pleasure of Allah The Greatest

    عزيزً وجسمي قد تردّ ممزقً
    وأشلاؤهم في الأرض بالدم يقطرُ
    اَجيؤو بها يوم المعاد علي الملأ
    بريح جريح المسك واللون أحمر

    Esteemed and my body has been teared into pieces
    And their remaining corpses are dribbling blood on the ground
    They are brought with it in the hereafter before the crowd
    with a wind of injured scent and the color is red

    Re: By night the heroes advanced

    Beautiful words alhamdullilah