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Ya Allah- A poem about repentence

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    Ya Allah- A poem about repentence

    Ya Allah

    Please don’t hate me

    I have disobeyed you

    Ignored your advice

    Gone astray totally

    Sinned in so many ways

    Followed my lusts and desires

    Chased after what seemed pretty and desirable

    Ignored the fear of the hellfire

    But it shocks me to know

    That you still love me

    I hated myself

    As I was misled

    By people I thought were friends

    Non-Muslims and Muslims

    Chasing women

    Sleeping around

    Drink and drugs

    Clubs and pubs

    But after all this

    I repent and ask for forgiveness

    And I feel bad knowing

    That you will always forgive me

    No matter what I do

    Even if my sins reach from the earth to the sky

    As long as I don’t commit Shirk

    So I feel that there is a chance

    As I take my last dance

    And promise never again

    To disobey you

    And live life based on Kufr

    It’s funny

    When I was committing sin

    I thought about you Ya Allah!

    And that thought spoilt my pleasure

    And made me feel bad

    And later depressed and sad

    How can you forgive?

    Sinners and murderers

    Fornicators and drunkards

    Your compassion and love

    Is surely a blessing for your servants?

    So after all this

    I realise

    That your mercy and compassion

    Supersedes your wrath

    So as long as I am alive and breathing

    And make an effort and try

    You will always help me and answer my duas

    While others have condemned me to the fire

    Pronounced me a disbeliever

    Given up and written me off

    You my Lord still remain close

    And see the little goodness within me

    I have abandoned halal and haram

    But still believe in the akhira

    And meeting you my lord on the last day

    Getting judged and accounted

    I follow the society and go with the flow

    I am weak and unable to speak

    Against the evil around me

    But you my Rabb

    Can see what’s in my heart

    Whilst others only see my actions

    InshAllah one day

    Very soon before I hit thirty

    I will return back to Islam

    And start doing the actions of the Jannah

    And turn my back on Jahaliyah

    For ever

    And warn others of its perils., the place to be