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The Perfect Man

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  • The Perfect Man

    The Prophet Muhammad
    The Perfect Man

    This earth has seen great men in the thousands, who achieved greatness in one area or another. Some of them even left their marks on the pages of history. Great kings, warriors, conquerors, philosophers, law-givers, poets and military generals came on the stage of this world and temporarily influenced the lives of people in one way or another and left without leaving anything permanent in the form of their personal example or eternal teaching. Some of these great men might have influenced some aspects of human life in different ways and in different manners, but none has affected it in its totality.

    The Messengers of Allah were the only persons who influenced human life in different ways in its totality. They brought virtue and goodness and removed evil and sufferings. They purified the entire system of their day; economic, social and political, from excesses and malpractices and established justice and benevolence in every walk of life. They made these revolutionary changes in society through their Divine teachings and personal examples, and not by coercion. Even the Messengers of Allah, such as Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Isa Alaihimus Salaam who changed the course of history and influenced the lives of men by their teachings and outstanding personal example, have not left behind much from which present or future generations can get inspiration.

    Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
    The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is the only Messenger and personality in history whose entire life record is fully preserved. Not only the important events of his life, but the record of his daily life, from birth to passing-on is written on the pages of history. All his sayings, doings, actions and the details of his conduct and character are kept. In short, his whole life, at home, in the mosque and outside, was fully known to his companions, and was recorded as an open book so that the following generations could learn lessons and get inspiration from his example.

    Another thing about his life is that it is most comprehensive and perfect and can serve as an ideal for men and women of all ages, working in all professions and trades. Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was not only a Messenger, but a man as well. He taught people to be good, honest and just in their private as well as public dealings and his teaching was not confined to the mosque. At home he talked with his wives and in the market place he explained principles of buying and selling. When he was receiving deputations from abroad, he talked about inter-state matters which laid the foundations of international law. When at war, he devised laws of war and peace. While deciding disputes between his companions, he gave them a civil and criminal code of judgement. And to protect the rights of individuals and groups in the state, he gave them the judgements which later became the constitutional law of the Islamic state.

    Fortunately, he left a comprehensive account of all his experiences for the benefit of future generations. His teachings are preserved in their original form in the Holy Qur'aan, and his sayings and doings are preserved in the form of the Hadith. These records cover matters of morality, spirituality, economics, sociology and politics. The advice is absolutely perfect and free from human weakness. It shows the moderate way of life, avoiding the extremes to both sides. Besides, it is practical and meets all the needs of man. Above all, the living example of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is completely preserved to command love and reverence from his followers and inspire generations of people for ever. These two sources, the teachings and the life example of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam will always provide light and guidance to those who need it. People can seek light from his Message and guidance from his life; the two are the eternal sources of guidance for men and women in their struggle to achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life. He has set very high and noble ideals through his practical example for all of mankind to follow in every field of life.

    Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala describes the personality of Hazrat Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in these words: "And you stand on an exalted standard of character" (Holy Qur'an 68: ayat 4). Thus in the words of Allah Ta'ala, the standard of his character and personality is far above that of any other creation. He possessed the best and noblest qualities of the perfect man and was like a jewel illuminating the dark environment with his radiant personality, ideal example and glorious message.

    Someone once enquired about his character and manners from Bibi Aisha Radiyallahu Anha, and she replied that the Qur'aan was his character. This means that not only did he verbally teach the Qur'aan to the people, but practised it and was himself a perfect example of the Qur'aan in practice. Whatever the Holy Qur'aan commands, he obeyed and whatever it forbids, he abstained from it more than anyone else. Hazrat Jabir Radiyallahu Anhu reports that the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said:"Allah has sent me to perfect good qualities and to complete good deeds". The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is thus a true example of a perfect man. He lived the life of an ordinary man. He helped the poor, orphans and widows. He was kind to the weak and hospitable to strangers and travellers. He suffered from all but harmed none. He was affectionate and loving towards his friends and forgiving and merciful towards his enemies. He was sincere and honest in his mission; good and fair in his dealings; and just in deciding affairs of friends as well as of enemies. In short, all goodness and excellence have been combined in the person and personality of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

    A person of such magnitude transcends the barriers of time and space. People of all ages can find something in his life to provide them with guidance in their various fields of activity. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala clearly mentions this aspect of life:

    "We have indeed, in the Messenger of Allah, a good example (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day." [Holy Qur'an 33: ayat 21]

    The Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam worked all his life with utmost sincerity for the well-being of his fellow men. He spent all his time, his resources, and his energies on guiding the ignorant people of Arabia to the light of Islam. He was busy day and night in his mission for the betterment of humanity and suffered at the hands of the very people whom he was endeavouring to save from the fire of Hell. He was worried about the plight of the people,who were living in complete ignorance and evil and did not know what was good or bad for themselves. He wanted to save them from a life of evil and misery and bring them back to the ways of goodness and piety. Sometimes he felt sick and hurt at their bitter remarks and strong opposition, but never lost hope or gave way.
    At Mecca, he went from house to house to every family and gave them the Message of Allah with great compassion, love and sincerity as their well-wisher, but in return they showered abuses upon him. He did not lose heart but continued to encourage them to the path of goodness. On another occasion, Almighty Allah comforted him in these words:

    "We know indeed that what they say, grieves you:it is not you they reject; but the wicked deny the signs of Allah" [Holy Qur'an 6: Ayat 33]

    Then in Surah Al-Ma'idah we read:
    "Ya Rasul! let not those grieve you who run towards infidelity, some of those who say with their mouths, 'We believe'; but whose hearts believe not" (Holy Qur'an 5: Ayat 41) .

    Sayyidina Rasulallah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in spite of abuses and persecution, continued to invite people to the Light of Islam. He laboured day and night in his struggle to bring to them the Truth merely for the pleasure of the Almighty Allah. He never asked them for any kind of remuneration or compensation. "Say you, 'I ask not of you any wage for it, but affection in respect of kinship" (Holy Qur'an 42: ayat 23).
    His whole life bears witness to the sincerity and love with which he preached the mesaage of Islam. He never asked for any reward from the people for all his efforts towards their welfare and tolerated their abuses and taunts with great patience. No one paid any heed to his sincere and honest message. Some of them, including Abu Lahab, his uncle, abused him but he tolerated everyhting and continued his sincere efforts for the good of the people.

    He invited his own family to his place and delivered a short speech in a very impressive way, explaining the basic principles of Islam. Then he said, "O my relatives, I have a brought a thing which will bring prosperity and happiness to you in this world and in the next world". No one except Hazrat Ali Radiyallahu Anhu, who was a boy, supported him. But he was so sincere and honest in his mission that in spite of abuses and hostility, he continued his struggle.

    Once the chiefs of Quraish came to him and said, "O Muhammad, you have abused our gods, sown the seeds of disruption and discourse among us, destroyed our solidarity and brought misery and sadnes to all of us, If you want wealth, we will make you the richest man in the country. If you want power and leadership, we will make you our ruler. If you want a beautiful woman just name her,k and she will be yours. If you are sick, we can arrange for the best doctor to cure you". The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam heard all this very quietly and replied, "I do not want any wealth or riches; nor have I any desire to be a king or a ruler; nor do I want any woman; nor am I sick. I am not interested in any of your proposals. I am but a humble servant of Allah, Who has sent me to you as His Messenger to warn you of His punishment if you reject His message, and give you good news if you accept it. If you accept this Message and follow me, you will reap the benefits of this world and the next". He further added," If you place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, and ask me to leave my mission in return , this I would not do. I shall continue to do my duty as assigned to me by my Lord".

    What greater proof of his sincerity is needed! He rejected all the material wealth and worldly honours offered to him by the Meccan chiefs. He had only to compromise with them on some of his basic principles. If he was not commanded by the Almighty Allah to deliver His messageor if he was not sincere in his mission, he would easily have compromised with his opponents and enjoyed the worldly pleasures of wealth and status. But he was far above these petty attractions and was sincere and devout in his mission. Thomas Carlyle, in his book- Hero-Worship and the Hero in History, speaks of his sincerity in these words: " There was something in this Truth he had got which was of Nature herself; equal in rank to sun or moon or whatsoever thing Nature had made. It would speak itself there, so long as the Almighty allowed it, in spite of Sun and Moon, and all Kuraish and all men and all things. It must be that and could be no other".

    "Ah, no! This deep-hearted son of the Wilderness with his beaming black eyes and open social deep soul, had other thoughts in him than ambition. A silent great soul; he was one of those whom Nature herself has appointed to be sincere - no hearsays could hide that unspeakable fact, 'Here am I !' Such sincerity, as we named it, has in very truth something of the Divine. The word of such a man is a Voice direct from Nature's own heart". And Carlyle continues,"A serious, sincere character; yet amiable, cordial, companionable, jocose even - a good laugh in him withal".

    Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam struggled all his life, through thick and thin for the welfare of the people. He never gained anything materially, socially or politically. He had the good of the people at heart and spent all his life to achieve this in the light of the revelation of Allah. He lived an ordinary life like an ordinary man, doing his household chores, sewing his cloak, mending his shoes, repairing his walls. He sat among the people when he went to the mosque as one of them, without any distinctive position and no one there could recognise who was the Messenger and Ruler. All his life he struggled hard and sincerely for the good of the people, without any ostentatious pride. A cursory glance at his character will show his immense sincerity for the Mission assigned to him by Almighty Allah. And an impartial observer will hardly fail to notice, from almost every incident of his life, his sincere efforts for the betterment of humanity. Above, all this struggle was not for his financial gain or worldly glory, but for the Glory of Allah and the welfare of the people.

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    very true RasoolAllah saw as perfection personified
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      Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is definitely the best of mankind.

      Great Post sis. :)
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        alhamdulillah.. Yeah, i can remember when i first converted, reading different things on the Prophet (pbuh) and how amazing he was, but i wasnt feeling that love and attachment to him that other muslims had, i thought there was something wrong with me. these people cry when they hear Quran or speak of the prophet (pbuh), how come I am not feeling that? am I not a true muslim? well... it was time that was needed. after studying the deen and learning the meaning of the Quran and aHadith and listening to many lectures on tape..etc. etc... i began to feel it.

        I can still remember the first time I cried over my love for the Prophet (pbuh).. it was like this feeling in my heart that just longed for him, to see him, just a glimpse of him, in a dream.. anything... just to see him!!! How perfect and kind he was too all. He never laid a hand on a woman or a child. He was fair and just. So giving and suffered so much. May Allah grant him peace and blessings forever. Ameen.


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          Shouldn't you be crying over your love for God, and your desire for the vision of God, not a man, a creation?

          Sorry to bring this up here, I know this is the peace&calm forum, maybe this would be better discussed over in Comparitive Religion, but this seems like Idolatry to me.
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            Originally posted by fides
            Shouldn't you be crying over your love for God, and your desire for the vision of God, not a man, a creation?

            Sorry to bring this up here, I know this is the peace&calm forum, maybe this would be better discussed over in Comparitive Religion, but this seems like Idolatry to me.


            thanks for bringing that up. i guess i should of said that first. i wasnt thinking people may assume that i dont cry out of love for God.

            my love for God was always there, even before being a muslim. i have always cried to God, mostly for forgiveness. my love and longing to know our creator is what brought me to Islam. Alhamdulillah. i guess i didnt mention it because i thought that went without saying.( the topic of the thread is the perfect man - Prophet Mohammad pbuh)

            in Islam we are told to love the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) more than any other human being but to love Allah the most, more than anything!

            i was just remembering how i didnt have that instantly when i converted. it took time. Allah revealed it to me in steps. now my heart is full of love for all of Gods Prophets (peace be upon them), but always for the Creator the most. Alhamdulillah. i didnt mean to give the impression that anything is higher than Allah.
            Allah knows best.

            May Allah save us all from any form of shirk. Ameen.


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              Magnificent man :inlove: ...
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                Love for the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) does not mean mere singing of songs in his praise and the kissing of ones fingers or nails upon hearing his name. If we really love the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), we should make him the only model to follow in our lives and struggle for the mission for which he was raised.

                Abu Hurairah reported that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
                Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah. (Bukhari)
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