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About Death: Arabic/English

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    About Death: Arabic/English

    Translation is not mine, found on another forum.

    تزود من التقوى فإنك لا تدري *** إذا جن ليل هل تعيش إلى الفجـر
    فكـم من فتى أمسى وأصبح ضاحكا *** وقد نسجت أكفانه وهو لا يـدري
    وكم من صغار يرتجى لهم طول العمر *** وقد أدخلت أجسادهم ظلمة القبـر
    وكـم من عروس زينوها لعرسـها *** وقد قبضت أرواحهم ليلـة القـدر
    وكـم من صحيح مات من غير علة *** وكم من سقيم عاش حينا من الدهر
    فـمن عـاش ألفـا وألفيـن إنـه *** لابـد من يـوم يسـير إلى القبر

    Take taqwa as your provision, for you do not know
    When the night darkens, will you live until fajr?

    For how many of a youth laughs by morning and evening
    And his shrouds have been weaved, and he does not know.

    And how many of young ones are expected to live long
    But their bodies are made to enter the darkness of the grave.

    And how many of a bride have they beautified for her husband
    And their souls have been seized on the night of decree.

    And how many of a healthy one dies without an illness
    And how many of an ill one has lived for a good time

    So whoever lives for a thousand and more
    He must one day, make his way to his grave
    .: Rufaida :.
    .:Fa Firroo Ila-llaah:.
    “People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
    but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you.”
    ~ Ibn Atallah

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    Re: About Death: Arabic/English

    Nice one :up:
    Everyone thinks their a scholar because they know how to copy and paste, you get your ummah face on and the second you log out, you know your reality. Anyone can attain knowledge, how many can implement it?


      Imagine Your Death!

      Imagine yourself after you pass away
      Imagine your grave through night and through day
      Wishing that you did not do as they say
      Wishing that you had got up and had prayed.

      Imagine, my friends, the day that you died
      Imagine all of the tears that they cried
      Remember how it felt when your body was tied
      Remember how it felt in the grave which you lied.

      Imagine the day you'll be called to account
      Imagine the sum to which your life will amount
      Think for a moment of the deeds which you mount
      Think for a moment how much they will count.

      What will they say of you when you are dead?
      What will they say, what will be said?
      Will they speak of all the poor who you fed?
      Will they remember all the Qu'ran that you read?

      Think not of them, but of Allah, Lord of mankind and jinn
      Think of Allah when tempted to sin
      Think of the paradise which you will dwell in
      Don't wait till later to think what might have been.
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        Close Your Eyes And Imagine

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        You have just one more day to live
        One more day to show Allah,
        What "Jannah" he should give?

        To say goodbye to your family,
        And all your closest friends;
        To ask for forgiveness,
        And try to make amends;

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        Did you miss a prayer or two?
        Did you please Allah, and do the things,
        He asks every Muslim to do?

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        Tomorrow you will be gone;
        No more second chances,
        To smell the mist of dawn;

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        The angels are going to come,
        To take your soul and ask,
        In your life "what have you done"?

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        The words you want to say;
        Will not come out you may realize,
        For all your deeds you'll pay;

        You want to speak out, to cry out,
        In Allah I believe;
        But, silence beckons you,
        No more can u deceive;

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        Finally,>Your silence breaks away;
        You tell the angels you believe in Allah,
        And for him, you did pray;

        You say as tears are pouring down your face
        Please, Allah, forgive me,
        For the sins that I committed,
        Have mercy is my plea!

        Just close your eyes and imagine,
        That the smell of musk surrounds you,
        From your head down to your feet;
        You realize Allah forgave you,
        Hell fire you did defeat;

        But we all know as Muslims,
        When it's time for you to die;
        You'll not be given a second chance,
        To say a last goodbye;

        So live each day as If it's your last,
        And never forget to pray;
        So when the angels come to ask,
        You'll know the words to say.


          A Good Death

          My time has come quickly so
          I thought I had ages left to go

          My Lord constantly on my mind
          My heart praising the Divine

          Punctually 5 times salah I would pray
          Reciting Quran I always started my day

          The daily duas devotedly memorised
          Each opportunity they were utilised

          Showing kindness to all those I met
          Prophet Muhammads (pbuh) teachings I did not forget

          In this way my Imaan became strong
          So Allah would save me from doing wrong

          And when I did do any bad deed
          I would repent sincerely with great speed

          Asking Allah for a clean sheet
          The Masjid my frequent retreat

          Listening to the Shaykh's true advice
          I acted on it without even blinking twice

          Death will come to me like a nice breeze
          The angels take my soul with ease

          May Allah give all the Muslimeen death upon Imaan


            A Bad Death

            My time has come quickly so
            I thought I had ages left to go

            I liked to look slick
            Flirting gave me the ‘kick’

            Out I went to just chill
            With my mates for that buzz and thrill

            But along with them little I did know
            That from Islam I was distancing myself slow

            Like this my Imaan did fade
            In sins I began to wade

            Death has come around for us
            Now I want to catch the Islam bus

            Sadly it is too late
            I am to suffer the worst fate

            Death will come to me with pain
            The Shaykhs past warnings in vain

            I should have taken heed
            And without delay started amassing many good deed

            My friends take this poem not lightly
            Now is the time to take up Islam fully

            May Allah save all the Muslimeen from the pains of death


              Re: A Bad Death

              SubhanAllah jazakAllah kairun for sharing


                Re: A Bad Death

                :jkk: Ameen:)
                من صمت نجا

                He who keeps silent saves himself (Tirmidhi, Ahmad).