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"Let Days Go Forth" poem by Imam Shafi' (رحمه الله)

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  • "Let Days Go Forth" poem by Imam Shafi' (رحمه الله)

    ''Muhammad ibn Idris Al-Shafi' (767-820) was one of the four great Imams, who contributed greatly to the science of fiqh and he was also an eloquent poet. His poetry is awe inspiring and contains many gems and benefits with references to the Qur'an and Sunnah.''

    "Let Days Go Forth" poem by Imam Shafi' (رحمه الله)

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    This is a personal favourite of mine, and I love listening to it (and reading the meanings) when i'm feeling down or just in general, always manages to lift my mood.

    Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

    ''This poem, 'Let Days Go Forth' contains many lessons and wisdom which are inspiring. One of the main points of the poem is the fact that we should not expect all the days to treat us well. The nature of the days and life is such that they are there to test us and will always fluctuate between good and bad. When we accept this, and accept the decree of Allah, our souls will become at ease.

    Some lessons to be derived from this poem include: kindness covers all faults, patience not haste, no happiness nor sadness lasts, don't let hardships change you, If you are content, you are rich, let days betray you, death will come.

    Note: The reciter makes a small mistake in 01:27 when he incorrectly says yureedu (يريد) instead of yazeedu (يزيد).''

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    Just came across a post with the same poem (different wording), just letting everyone know that I didn't copy that post soo yh... (I saw that post after I sent mine).