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Our Fathers demand respect!

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  • Our Fathers demand respect!

    Subhanallah, today my father prayed for me in such a humble manner. We do not treat our fathers well enough. It is for this reason, I have written this poem for those who seek knowledge in this era of widespread misguidance, but forget how to treat their fathers. (Note: My focus is not on what the son is accusing the father/grandfather of in this poem and whether that is right or wrong, it is on how the son treats his father regardless,")

    Father of the Awam, Son of the Ulama

    “My son,” said the father, “I am going to Pray”
    (“Oh why have I such a dumb, ignorant father”)
    “Hey! You cannot Pray! Think! The sun is setting! Think!”

    “I thank you my son for reminding me,” he smiled.
    (“Ignorant fool! He knows nothing! Village born fool!”)

    Then his heart strained.

    “My son, let us go visit your grandfather’s grave
    and pray for him and recite fatihah for him.”

    “My father, this is not permitted in Islam,”
    “But my son- all I want to do is pray for him,”
    “My father, I will not join you in your Haram,”
    “Oh son, my father taught me but perhaps you’re right,”

    Then he became sick.

    “My son,” said the father, “I am getting quite ill,
    Please pray for me, for Allah has given you ilm,”
    “I always pray for you father (how ungreatful!)
    “Soon I will join your grandfather, soon I’ll join him,”
    “Your father was a mushrik, he was a grave worshipper!”
    “My son, do not say that please- please do not say that,”
    “Father, I must state the truth, in truth he was a mushrik!”

    Then he was made aware of an angel and a dream.

    “My son, I saw an angel, soon it will be time,
    and your grandfather appeared in my dream last night-
    he is worried about your heart, my son, your heart!”

    “Father, I too saw a dream: grandfather’s in hell-
    as for the angel, it could have been a devil-”

    Then came the angel.

    “My son” the father cried, “He is here, the angel-
    wait- but that is a horrific face,” he froze still.

    “Father, did I not explain, did I not explain,
    that you follow not grandfather who was Jahil!”

    He… my son… He has no eyesYA ALLAH MADAD!”
    “Father, did I not explain, DID I NOT EXPLAIN!”
    Wait, but why is he… why does he- does he walk... past…
    “FATHER, DID I- DID I-” and he slumped to the floor.

    We do not know who will go first,
    the father or the son.

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    Very good