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Seer of evil

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  • Seer of evil

    The shadows illuminate the night
    The well keeps bursting with new life
    The lake by the zoo has dried out forever
    sling gunning Indiana Jones lives through his son
    The angels guard the men on the day of resurrection
    Barbed wire marks all over his cheeks
    Mark of juggernaut on his knuckles
    A born again refugee seeking asylum
    The hat on his head reads out diesel
    Isit a taboo to say why he left takbir for takfir
    The company he works for purifies corals and pearls
    Entrenched within the system, pliers free the whales
    Sailing shipwrecked seas, rotten from eras bygone
    A new day, a new heart, a new phase, a new spark
    Remembrance and thankfulness is only a start
    “A single heart cannot serve as the place for two things, let alone several. If the heart is filled with the sensory perceptions, its rare that it would perceive meaning of Allah, even if one were to say Allah a thousand times”