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Passion of a teardrop

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  • Passion of a teardrop



    Roles down the cheeks of adolescence
    Reminder of innate weaknesses and of being human
    Past memories of broken dreams lie banal
    Resurfacing on tidal waves to the shore
    Brilliant minds in accident and emergency units
    Toxic viruses creating one directional toy soldiers
    The result of the amalgamation of the outbreak of diseases
    Sick patients all have teardrops running down their cheeks
    Treated by miss smiley and miss friendly
    Sick men heartened as they lie near the response trolleys
    Miles away and some even a stone throw away
    Young babies crying with colic stay awake and sleep during the day
    Pain taking away as they nap and watch chuchu tv
    Brotherhood in shatters as men roam homeless
    Their minds frozen and their tear ducts not opening
    Banana Republics sinking like banana boats
    Our pens have dried and we're still just a drop in the ocean
    “A single heart cannot serve as the place for two things, let alone several. If the heart is filled with the sensory perceptions, its rare that it would perceive meaning of Allah, even if one were to say Allah a thousand times”