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Common senses

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  • Common senses

    The man at the bottom prays to the man above
    the man doing well positions himself above
    so many stones already gravitated to the ground
    big brother using video technology while in a cast under the ministry of sound
    so many sisters lost to game
    searching for answers they aint found
    So many brothers still on the same deliver
    spent so much time away now they brazen with silver
    I never found the prize to merlin when looking at the Coca Cola bottle wrapper in the mirror
    never found the clue to elevate me to the next round of the Cadbury’s give away voucher
    it’s easy to give up vices but harder to let go of yourself even if u start off vice versa
    its easy to pray as a believer but harder to pray as a sinner
    easier to cry as a witness but harder to cry as a criminal
    the x’s and the y’s lead me back to heaven
    mountains on earth still to be found
    my tears to my lord are a drop in the ocean
    so many withering bodies still crying out Ahad
    my joints can still heal quick, my eyes are oblivious
    Ahmed bukhatir looking out the windows of a bus
    When I think of life sure I think of sad times as well as the happy
    but mainly I thank my lord for all the times he saved me
    “A single heart cannot serve as the place for two things, let alone several. If the heart is filled with the sensory perceptions, its rare that it would perceive meaning of Allah, even if one were to say Allah a thousand times”