I am War
I am the battle trenches in WW1
I am the marching armies of WW2
I am the face of Hitler
The minds of the Taliban
The hands of the Nazi soldiers
The guns of the Khmer Rouge

You see me in the helpless eyes of a man forced to fight
You hear me in the whistling of the bombs, always falling 
You taste me in the ashes that scatter, explosion after explosion
You feel me in the pain of losing the ones you loved
You smell in the burnt ruins of homes so carefully built

I am everywhere
A constant ticking bomb
And all it takes for me to erupt is a single thought 

Yet there is one thing that holds me back
One thing that stops me from bringing Armageddon upon this world
It’s very essence refuses to give me power
A power that would have let me wreck havoc across the universe
A power that would have let me rise from the dust, carrying destruction with me
Just one thing that has me in chains 
And its name, you all have heard of