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Our Prophet

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  • Our Prophet

    When truth lay forgotten, buried deep in the history of religions
    Our prophet rose with determination, having made his decision
    He filled hearts with love and patience, teaching all a lasting lesson
    His closeness and sincerity with our God gave him a place in heaven

    He developed trust and belief within his community
    And with the help of Allah he gave them rights and unity
    Although they had to face countless adversities
    They all remained faithful and coped with diversities

    Our prophet built harmony with all of humankind
    Earning the friendship and care of all believers combined
    He prayed to Allah with complete devotion
    Never did he go through a time of demotion

    He is our role model, whose actions we should follow with all our hearts
    He did the acts of worshiping God, making sure to correctly do all parts
    Our prophet Muhammad obeyed whatever he was told to do
    No matter what hardships came across his way, to God, he remained true