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Traveller To The Hereafter

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  • Traveller To The Hereafter

    Traveller To The Hereafter

    The Dunya was never meant
    For me and you to stay
    We're like travellers and strangers
    Passing on our way

    It was never meant to be
    To remain in forever
    To build, earn and live
    With a return booked for never

    For what's not meant to be
    Don't cry away your days
    Remember your destiny
    Remember what He says

    The Dunya is temporary
    A place of hardship and trial
    Not to get attached
    Or live in denial

    To Him, be sincere
    And in that, do your best
    For only He really matters
    In this life that is a test

    And hope for a return
    More special than can be said
    No more fear, no more grief
    No sadness, or tears shed

    To be close to Allah
    Never to feel alone
    Back where you belong
    A place that's truly Home

    The Dunya was never meant
    For me and you to stay
    May our reunion with Allah
    Be a Beautifully Joyous Day.

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    From one road to the end am just a simple nomad.

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