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A Love Insincere?

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  • A Love Insincere?

    I try to be, to thee sincere
    But know not, if for love or fear
    That I do obey, and do hear,
    Thy ordinances - great or mere

    If gratitude, I sometimes know,
    For much upon me, you bestow:
    My heart melts, as warm rays do snow,
    And my love, does thus, away go

    For, I am prone, I must confess,
    To the vice, of forgetfulness
    And in these moments, I digress, -
    To what cause, I can only guess!

    So I avow, obedience,
    When I am, of your remembrance
    But if I turn, in repentance,
    Could it be fear, of thy vengeance?

    Misdeeds of mine, often I rue
    When with faith, my heart you imbue
    But as these tears, my cheeks bedew,
    Are they for fear, or remorse true?

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    We live, holding, as we can, to His rope
    He reminds us of fear, and reminds us of hope
    Is it a fault, then, is love insincere
    If we turn in repentance, out of fear?

    FEAR the Fire! This, He says
    HOPE for The Meeting, upon Him, to gaze

    Heart-felt love, for Him, can it go?
    Or, in forgetfulness, we fail to show?
    Melted heart, in gratitude, humble
    Does love become void, because we will stumble?

    The good and the bad, whatever we face
    Will anyone, truly, take over His place?
    Sinners we are, sadly, prone to whim
    Yet, does the heart, seek other than Him?

    Let us ask the question, let the soul speak
    In sin does it delight? Is it sin that it seeks?
    If the answer is clear, and sin it loves not
    Then may remorse be true, for sin is not sought

    'Tis not wrong to fear, of going astray
    'Tis not wrong to fear, the standing that Day

    'Tis not wrong to fear, the One high, above
    'Tis not wrong to fear, not having His Love.


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      Anyway... stream Qur'an and do your Dhikr!

      Surah Al-Kahf..<3
      Pray. Fast. Zakat. Pilgrimage. Allah.