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O complainant - Elia Abu Madi

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  • O complainant - Elia Abu Madi

    O you who complain without an illness
    how will you do if you become really ill?
    that who is the worst on earth
    is that who look for leaving before it is the time
    and that who see thorns in a rose but not see
    the dewy crown above it
    and he is a load upon life that ..
    who see the life as a load for him!
    and that who is empty from any beauty
    will not see anything beautiful in this life!
    so enjoy the morning as long as you in..
    and don't fear its go before it goes
    and when a worry visit your head
    shorten the quest in it so it doesn't keep on
    this had been known by the birds of hills
    so it is a shame on you if you miss it!
    don't you see them while the farm is belonging to others
    they just take it as a playground and a rest ?!