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Asians at the Market

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  • Asians at the Market

    It is amusing to see Asians in shopping markets
    Scurrying around like ants, with their empty baskets
    Perusing the shelves, with no intention to acquire,
    Unless there is a sale, or some generous offer

    I heard one, with the salesperson quarrel;
    I turned away, lest my hilarity was rendered audible
    Exorbitant prices, the dispute concerned
    “Namaste; ten par-cent off!” Thus he bargained

    I turned one aisle, and ventured into another
    There were three Asian ladies, and their grandmother
    Intensely debating, the purchase of some fish:
    “Dis is tu expensive! Yet to buy, I bery much wish!”

    Everywhere I could hear chatter in Hindi
    “Babu gi! Huff price offer on bhindi!”
    And the smell in the store, made me want to hurry
    It smelled like stale, gone off fish curry

    I waited at the checkout, what seemed like hours!
    The Asians were here, in great, great numbers
    Chattering and prattling:
    Some in merriment, for the bargains they found,
    Others, for lack of success, their fury most profound!