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Impatient in a queue

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  • Impatient in a queue

    I cannot abide a slow-moving queue
    I grow impatient after a second or two
    But I will not advantage myself of expediency,
    When the means are impolite or acts of indecency

    I waited my turn, frustrations masked,
    Until an East Asian, most unabashed! -
    Casually passed, by the mile-long line
    Pretending oblivion, t’was his evil design!

    But he speaks not, a language beside his own,
    So he takes an eternity, and an eternity we bemoan
    At last! Does he conclude his transaction?!
    Nay! What other business does now demand attention?!

    I thought,
    ’My limbs may fail me, if I stand here one moment more
    Oh! What is that smell? It comes from the person before’
    Oh! Good Lord! He just broke wind!
    Infernal fiend! He turned his head and grinned!

    Patience by this time had deserted me
    I expressed my rage, by means too many
    And now I am the rude, wild, ruffian,
    But what about the impatient East Asian?
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      Originally posted by Abu 'Abdullaah View Post

      A’A I challenge you to a rap battle.