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    institutionalised, a product made to crumble
    too hardened for a smile,too hard to be humble
    life is getting up although all you can hear are chores
    answering to a name that isn’t yours but correcting them all the same
    one day they’ll get your name right , that day life will be alright
    life is doing all the boring tasks but promoting the glimpses of ostentatiousness
    life is about being that bad guy you can say good night too, wickedness
    Give up, give in , cop a plea, become a sand flea
    they say the old forces are reuniting
    nurses getting bleeped two hourly
    eagles flying into desert storm and dying
    wait a minute , listen for signs
    maybe even dreams of white horses fleeing
    if you understand the resonance and the syncopation
    you understand phase 2 is coming , whether youre treading on stones with your bare feet
    the coordinates for Eden is something you can teach
    in the very first book you read back to front
    Every thing in your life is there for a reason
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    “A single heart cannot serve as the place for two things, let alone several. If the heart is filled with the sensory perceptions, its rare that it would perceive meaning of Allah, even if one were to say Allah a thousand times”

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