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  • Aichadembele310
    started a topic Honest


    I just want to lay down
    My sword and shield
    I don't want to push you away
    From who I really am

    I am tired of fearing
    Your heavy words
    Breaking my back
    Snapping my spine
    And bringing tears into my eyes

    I've twisted my tongue
    For so long
    That I forgot
    What it was like to speak normally

    But I won't do that anymore
    Not for you
    Or for anyone

    I am not a trophy
    For you to put on your shelf
    And make you proud

    I am a human
    With a beating heart
    And veins
    Where blood travels
    And now the truth will unravel
    And shine brightly on my tongue
    For Everyone to see

    And I will no longer fear
    The good that truth brings

  • Fakhri
    I haven't been on this part of the forum for so long. It's nice to read these by the brothers and sisters. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading them (MaashaaAllah. Alhamdulillah.)

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