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Online Quran tutors . FREE classes

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  • Online Quran tutors . FREE classes

    Learning Quran online is an easy way for you and your kids to learn the Quran. All you need is a PC, a headset with a microphone and an internet connection. Alhamdu lillah, we teach the Quran 1 to 1 online classes using the latest software, technology and teaching methods. Alhamdu lillah, many Muslims took advantage of it and learned to read Quran and learned the Quran with the Tajweed. Now, students of any age in any country can learn to read the Quran at their own schedule and place. Parents can now watch their children learning Quran in front of their eyes.

    We Offers:

    Basic Quran Reading Lessons
    Basics of Islam for New Muslims
    Quran memorization and recitation courses
    Arabic Learning Courses
    Advanced Tajweed Courses

    Learn the Quran, read quran, learn the Quran! Learning quran at home is an excellent program that allows children, adults and new Muslims to learn. The Quran Courses Academy has 24-7 classes. We have students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try 2 FREE trial lessons (click here) without obligation to evaluate our Qur'an online learning service. After that, you may decide to continue or interrupt the learning of Quran with us. We have male and female tutors.

    For more information:


    Email: [email protected]

    Skype: thequrancourses

    WhatsApp: +201223907739

    Viber: +201223907739

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    Online Quran Classes
    Assalamualikum to everyone,

    Now you can learn Arabic language, Quran & Tajweed from your own home.

    Kids & Adults Are welcome

    * One to one lessons via Skype.
    * Native Arabic speakers.
    * Male and female tutors.
    * Qualified & expert tutors.
    * lowest fee / $5 per hour.

    The Quran Courses Academy offers:

    *Quran for Kids
    * Quran for sisters
    * Quran Recitation
    * Quran Memorization
    * Tajweed Rules
    * Qaida Noorani
    * Namaz
    * Duaa
    * Islamic studies
    * Arabic Grammar
    * Arabic conversation

    Contact us:

    Skype ID: The Quran Courses Academy
    WhatsApp: +201223907739
    Email: [email protected]

    Register here for 3 Free trial classes Online Quran Classes

    Read our students reviews here on


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      Very good resources for kids Quran teaching. I think learning Quran is very good for kids specially at home. Please have a look at this