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An Ayah a Day - Al Masad

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    Re: An Ayah a Day - Al Masad

    .: Rufaida :.
    .:Fa Firroo Ila-llaah:.
    “People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
    but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you.”
    ~ Ibn Atallah

    Ramadan Activities for Children
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      Re: An Ayah a Day - Al Masad

      I have faced a question from many Muslims which are about to go astray with the misinterpretation of Surah Masad.
      they are poisoned by the statement that Surah of Masad that Muhammad (pbuh) was venting at Abu Lahab so he wrote this Quranic Surah. The objection also states that Allah has a sadistic and angry mentality. i do not believe in this, but my other muslims colleagues are affected with this statement that was fed by an atheist to them.
      there are many websites that are trying to poison the brain of muslims with less knowledge.
      i wanted your help on this matter, what could be said in return to these allegations. i have heard your audio tafseers in baynna website but i could not excerpt a text or a message that i can convey to people who is affected with this.

      you can see this website also poisons ***********************************Quran/Prophecy/lahab.html

      i would greatly appreciate your help