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How to learn the Quran?

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  • How to learn the Quran?

    I read the pinned post on this topic but

    This is good for after when you learn the Quran, but how do you actually learn it for the first time?(not permanently, but just learn it. SRS like Anki as the original poster said is good for revision and retaining it).

    What's a good way to learn the Quran by yourself?(I've already been taught to read via a Qari, just have some doubts here and there.)
    It's so big and having bad memory and past experiences from getting bad grades in memory-testing exams is kinda scaring me off. I would love to become a Hafiz and put in the effort for that, but I don't know how to.

    I am not joining a madrassah or online class(I have reasons would rather no state).

    ​​​​​Can anyone guide me. Appreciate it for reading.

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    Firstly, I would clear my head of all ideas and ways of "how the Quran should be learned" - as if there is only one method that works for everyone. Maybe we develop this way of thinking due to the school and university structure in the West. If you want to learn Medicine or Psychology or Engineering, you must enroll in a college and learn it formally. This is not true.

    Everyone has their own way of learning that suits them and will appeal to them.

    Secondly, if a person really wants something, he or she will get it done at all costs, bi-idhiAllah. It starts with a sincere intention and then firm resolve in the heart.

    So, all you have to do is sit down and do it. You can use many resources online or in person to help you. Important thing is to just sit down and dedicate time to it. That's the hard part. After that, you'll find your own method of learning Quran or Arabic, or anything else.


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      You have to study Quran with a teacher because most probably you would be doing mistakes unknowingly. The teacher will help you correct these mistakes in shaa Allah


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        Yeah I guess I will try attending a madrassah in summer vacations hopefully. I think it's probably necessary to have someone to correct you bc you will definitely make mistakes. I do have sincere intentions for it but I don't think it's feasible right now.
        I know there's no one way about it, I was just lost. I feel joining a madrassah is probably the best way. One of my friends is doing hifdh, I will ask how he's doing it. I could probably grind through and learn some of the Quran but I don't want to be making mistakes and sinning - unless that's acceptable and better than not learning it?
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