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  • Best Quran Teacher

    If you are looking for the best Quran teachers online for yourself or for your children, you are in the right place.

    The Quran Courses Academy has the best online teachers for Quran and Arabic courses to guide students in a very professional way during online courses. As we offer online Quranic courses for different age groups, each group requires Quran tutors with additional qualities. That's why we are hiring highly qualified online Quran teachers and experts from some of the most prestigious Islamic Islamic universities and centers around the world. For all online Quranic courses, we only hire Hafiz-e-Quran teachers who hold an ijazah (certificate) from renowned Koranic centers in Arab and non-Arab countries of the Islamic world.

    The Quran Courses Academy understands that the teacher plays a very important role in learning the Quran with correct pronunciation and accent. All of our Quran teachers online are very knowledgeable and excellent in tajweed and recitation of the Holy Quran. With the best reading of the Quran, they know all the rules and principles of Tajweed, Qiraat, and recitation. They can read Arabic words correctly with the points of articulation and the qualities or characteristics of each Arabic alphabet. In the following lines, we have briefly summarized some of the important qualities of our online Quran.

    Qualities of our Quran teachers online:

    1. Command of the subject:

    Mastery of the subject is the paramount quality of our Quran teachers online. All our teachers have excellent knowledge and skills in the subject they teach. QuranHost does not compromise the knowledge of a teacher's subject matter. Our Quran teachers are Hafiz-e-Quran, experts in tajweed and recitation, with good recitation skills. Our Arabic teachers are fully equipped with studies and skills in Arabic. They are excellent in Arabic grammar, classical and modern Arabic, reading and writing.

    2. Excellent Tajweed and recitation skills:

    All Quran and Arabic tutors online at the Quran Courses Academy have excellent tajweed and recitation skills. The best Tajweed and recitation techniques are the basic requirements for our teachers. Teaching the Quran with correct pronunciations and accent is essential for all but especially for beginners. If they learn to read the Quran without following the Tajweed rules, it will be more difficult to change and correct it later. This can take twice as long as initial learning.

    3. Trained and expert in teaching:

    All our Quran teachers online are well trained and experienced. Our teachers know how to tackle each student. Every child is different from others and needs the teacher's attention in a different way. We also organize from time to time a teacher training program to train our teachers and inform them about new teaching methodologies and different online teaching methods of the Quran and Arabic languages. Our online Quran tutors use effective teaching methods so that each student can get the most out of the teacher during the class.

    4. Polite and patient:

    Online education is a difficult and complicated job. But patience and uselessness are essential for teaching children. This is the key to a happy and professional life. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) insisted on patients in all situations. Quran Tutors understands the importance of patience for an online teacher and urges all teachers to be extremely patient with all learners. We believe that the best online tutor in the Quran is a very polite and patient man with all his students, especially children.

    5. Punctual:

    Time management and punctuality are key to success in today's hectic life. Everyone has a lot to do in one day. At the Quran Courses Academy, we believe that teacher punctuality is first and foremost. We make sure that every teacher is available at the time set for the online Quran and Tajweed classes. You do not wait for your teacher. We also expect all our students to arrive on time for online classes to get the most out of your classes.

    6. Excellent communication skills

    The host only hires teachers who have excellent communication skills, as this is extremely important for online teaching. We work regularly to improve it more and more. This is why all Quran teachers online have excellent communication skills.

    Read our customers review on Trustpilot

    If you are interested in learning the Quran with Tajweed online please register with The Quran Courses Academy by visiting our website and register to start your 3 free trial classes.

    Contact us:

    Phone USA: +1 989 697 0447
    Phone UK: +44 20 8638 5568
    WhatsApp: +201223907739
    Skype ID: The Quran Courses Academy
    Email: [email protected]
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    Online Quran Classes
    Assalamualikum to everyone,

    Now you can learn Arabic language, Quran & Tajweed from your own home.

    Kids & Adults Are welcome

    * One to one lessons via Skype.
    * Native Arabic speakers.
    * Male and female tutors.
    * Qualified & expert tutors.
    * lowest fee / $5 per hour.

    The Quran Courses Academy offers:

    *Quran for Kids
    * Quran for sisters
    * Quran Recitation
    * Quran Memorization
    * Tajweed Rules
    * Qaida Noorani
    * Namaz
    * Duaa
    * Islamic studies
    * Arabic Grammar
    * Arabic conversation

    Contact us:

    Skype ID: The Quran Courses Academy
    WhatsApp: +201223907739
    Email: [email protected]

    Register here for 3 Free trial classes Online Quran Classes
    Read our students reviews here on


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      Online Quran Teaching
      Learn Quran online with Tajweed for kids, adults and people of all ages from your home at your flexible time. We have online female quran tutor that help sisters and daughters to learn Quran in easy environment. Register Now for your free trial class and start learning Quran today.

      Courses we offer!
      Learn Noorani Qaida online
      Learn Quran online with Tajweed
      Learn Quran basics for beginners
      Learn Islamic studies online
      Learn Islamic Supplications Online
      Learn Arabic Online
      Online Quran Memorization

      Contact Us!
      Email: [email protected]
      Whatsapp: +92 312 7161646
      Skype: live:learningsonlinequran

      Register now for free three days online Quran classes


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        Learning to read the Quran is essential for all Muslims and it's very simple. It may take a few months to understand how to read Quran. There are many ways to learn Quran properly but some of them have been highlighted below:
        • Learn Quran from an expert teacher (Qari).
        • Attend online Quran classes from qualified teachers.
        • Practice tajweed and Makharij 3 to 5 times daily.
        • Start from Qaida so that the base of your pronunciation becomes firm.
        Online Quran learning is a new way to learn the Holy Quran by sitting at your home and daily consuming 30 to 45 mins. In this short span of time, you will learn the recitation of the Quran with proper Arabic phonetics and then you can enlighten your heart with the recitation of the Quran. Quran Teacher is one of the best online academies who offer online classes for multiple Islamic courses.

        Some Courses They Offer:
        • Quran Reading Course (Quran Nazra)
        • Quran Memorization (Hifz Quran)
        • Learn Namaz
        • Quran Translation & Interpretation (Tafseer) Courses
        • New Muslim Course
        • Arabic Grammar Course
        • Hajj & Umrah Courses
        • Ramadan Course
        • Taharat Course
        and many other courses are also available. You can visit their website to see all the courses.

        Facilities they Offer:
        • Male and female tutors
        • Flexible timings
        • One to one classes
        • Qualified Quran tutors
        • Free trial of 3-days
        • Certificate on course completion

        Contact Details:

        WhatsApp: +92 313 9292992
        Email: [email protected]
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          Studio Arabiya has a team of most dedicated and experienced teachers who ensure to provide the best Quran learning to the kids. They provide the most convenient learning option through their online course. Apart from this, they offer flexible Arabic and Quran classes that work best for you.

          Studio Arabiya also has an online portal that allows you to track your progress regularly. And, in case you are not satisfied with the classes, they provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee.

          To know more about their Quran course for kids, visit the website at