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Question about Surah Bakara this/that

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  • Question about Surah Bakara this/that

    Assalamualaikum, Allah says: ذلك اأكِتَبُ لَاريْبَ فيه Why it is ذلك and not هذا? In my Grammer book is written: هذا= This and ذلك = That. But in Quran translation it says: This book.... I am confused.

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    Transliteration will never be exactly the same


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      You don't answer the question!!


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        Dhaalika - That this is used when something is far away. Because the Qur’an is not in Book form yet (during the life of Allah’s Messenger), Allah is telling us that the Kitab/book is in the heavens with Allah. And only later – you will write it down and compile it in Book format.

        Haadha - This.

        In Arabic rhetoric – to point that something is far away gives that thing an Elevated status

        Arabic tafseer for further indications:

        Allah knows best
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          I see, :jazak: