Firstly, welcome to the course. Insha allah we hope that it will be beneficial to you and we hope to make it as user friendly, useful and interesting as we can so if you have any feedback at any time please feel free to let the admins know via PM. (Arabic forum moderators are Anna2000uk / Khuzamah

Also if anyone wants to volunteer to help with teaching and correcting others work please let me know and that will be appreciated.

This new Beginners area has been introduced mainly for those who are not attending regular Arabic classes offline, or have a limited background in the language.(However, anyone is welcome to participate as it may be useful for consolidating your knowledge or adding to what you have already learned)

By starting from the beginning in an organised fashion, we hope the Arabic forum will become a more understandable and useable area for you, rather than a mish mash of threads aimed at different levels which has left users in the past with confusion as to where on earth they should begin.

This course will work on the system of two areas; Text Book and Exercise book. When each new lesson is posted, you will find it in the text book along with its accompanying exercises, and sometimes extras such as audio or "homework" tasks. When you feel ready to attempt the exercises, Please open a new thread in the Exercise book area entitled (for example) "LESSON ONE : Anna2000uk" (ie include the lesson number and your username).
This is to make life simpler for the Arabic forum moderation as we will be able easily to look at your work, check your progress and give you any help that you may need. Please keep all your work for that lesson (including any questions about things you need explained further, or anything else related ) inside that one thread, and open a new thread when you begin your next lesson.

Please feel free to work at your own speed, as it will not be a problem for us if different users are on different lessons as long as the posts are appropriately marked. Some people like to work slowly to make sure they fully grasp everything, or some may prefer to keep up with every new lesson in order to stay at the same level as others to help and motivate each other. That is up to you.

If anyone finds that the beginners course is too easy for them, or they would like to work faster and go a bit further, then you may like to explore the different sections of the Intermediate area.

Classroom is a good place to practise anything you have learnt in the lessons, to play any language games or practise chatting with the phrases you have learned. It is also the only area where off topic chat is more tolerated (that is to keep the other areas clear for a successful learning environment)

Please note that we are aiming to teach standard Arabic (fus ha) not amiyya (dialects and colloquial Arabic), as we believe it is better for beginners to keep their focus on this rather than the many different spoken dialects. Therefore please keep all amiyya related posts within the Classroom area located in the Intermediate section of the Arabic forum.

Sorry for the long introduction, hopefully it wasn't too boring for you but I think it's important for people just to read this to get an overview of what this new course is all about and how it is going to work insha allah.

May Allah SWT make it easy for us and reward all of us for our efforts in learning the language of the Qur'an. Ameen :) (you may also be rewarded with positive rep points for good work ;) )