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Tips For Quickly Learning Arabic Vocabulary

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  • Tips For Quickly Learning Arabic Vocabulary

    Learning Arabic is something that many want to do. After all, it's one of the most spoken languages in the world. With more than 300 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is considered a universal language and is currently experiencing rapid growth. In addition, the Arabic language also has a (geo) political, economic and cultural influence on international relations. All this makes this language more and more important. And the more important a language is, the more interesting it is to learn! But can we learn Arabic quickly? That's exactly what I'm going to talk about in this article.

    Is it difficult to learn Arabic?

    Some people think that language sounds like gibberish simply because it does not look like any Indo-European language. They are therefore skeptical about the rapid learning of Arabic. It has been shown that this is only a bad impression that some have of this language. Research by linguists shows that learning Arabic is a process that does not differ from learning another language.

    The memorization of Arabic vocabulary is an important step in learning this language. Many people encounter difficulties in trying to memorize the lexicon necessary to speak this beautiful language. However, there are some very effective science-based learning methods, which are based on the concepts of cognitive science and psychology, freely available to anyone wishing to study this language. Such methods are perfect for learning Arabic quickly!

    After quickly reviewing the current status of this beautiful language, I will describe some methods to effectively memorize Arabic vocabulary in record time

    Quickly learn Arabic with frequency lists Learn Arabic, study Arabic, learn Arabic for free, how to start studying Arabic, the Arabic alphabet
    All languages spoken in the world have "basic words", which are the most used words in everyday conversation. To improve your level in Arabic and to learn this language successfully, I strongly encourage you to memorize them.

    For the Arabic language, you can easily find a list of 500 words, for example. In other words, these are the 500 most used words in Arabic. This list is, therefore, the ideal tool to quickly learn Arabic. This method of memorizing the frequency lists is simply the application of the Pareto principle according to which 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

    Once you have obtained a list of frequencies of 500 words, you can memorize it in one month. Just memorize 15 words a day.

    How to memorize Arabic vocabulary

    In order to memorize 10 to 15 Arabic words per day, it is essential to implement the spaced repetition system. This system allows learners to memorize long-term words, concepts, and information by increasing the time between exams. To do this, you must plan what you will learn based on the forgetting curve, which will allow you to review the words in your list of frequencies that you have previously memorized just before you forget them. In this way, you will not waste time reviewing words you are not about to forget anyway, and you will not review words after you have completely forgotten them.

    Note: There is more than one frequency list, some are organized by theme. Here are some examples of such lists. What you can do is memorize the vocabulary used in the basic expressions, then meet new people, after that, the one to ask for instructions, etc. Once you have chosen the vocabulary list that you wish to memorize, quick learning of Arabic will be possible thanks to the spaced repetition system.

    Learn Arabic words by memorizing expressions

    Remembering a frequency list with Arabic vocabulary is a very important and necessary step to achieve fluidity, but that is not enough. In fact, learning single words is not enough to learn Arabic or any language. To achieve fluidity, you need to put these words in sentences to understand their use, allowing you to use them correctly in a real conversation.

    For this, you need to memorize predefined sentences with words you already know. Just as there are frequency lists, there are types of sentences: the most used phrases in everyday conversations that can be memorized to learn Arabic in record time. Memorizing predefined sentences will allow you to quickly use these sentences and adapt them to build more complicated ones.

    This method of learning Arabic quickly by memorizing sentences can help you solve a major problem faced by many learners who master the language: do not master the rules of grammar and conjugation. But between you and me, you do not need to master all these rules to express yourself well; not during the first months, at least. Memorization of ready-to-use phrases will be perfect for your level, initial goals, and needs, thus circumventing the grammar rules with which beginners must fight.

    Once you have assimilated the language and memorized words and phrases, you can go further in your language study by focusing on the alphabet and pronunciation.

    Two ways to learn the alphabet

    The Arabic alphabet is composed of 28 letters. To learn this alphabet effectively, it is of the utmost importance to listen carefully to the vocalizations of each letter. Finding the equivalent of Arabic letters in English may seem like an effective task, but it is not! And that's because some letters of the Arabic alphabet whose sounds simply do not exist in our language, as is the case for the letter ع.

    The most effective way to allow yourself, with some effort, to pronounce the Arabic alphabet is to focus on two things:

    1- Listen to the sounds: listen attentively to the pronunciation of the Arabic letters in order to distinguish each letter and not to confuse them (as with the pronunciation of and ز).
    Work by pronouncing correctly all the letters of the Arabic alphabet. To do this, study the position of the tongue and mouth when each letter is spoken.

    Change letters and fixed letters. In Arabic, some letters change according to whether they are at the end of a word or not, and others do not change no matter where they are in a word.
    I can not advise you not to do enough pronunciation exercises. They will be of great help in reproducing the correct sounds of the Arabic language that do not exist in the English language.

    2- Learn the Arabic alphabet in its traditional order
    I urge you not to learn the Arabic alphabet in its traditional order. This can help you avoid amalgamates and other possible confusions between letters of similar forms and transcriptions but with different sounds. Only once you have learned all the letters of the Arabic alphabet can you learn them in their traditional order.

    One more thing: It is important that each letter is written correctly so that it is readable, written correctly and at a normal pace.

    Some additional tips

    Here are some tips and tricks to learn this beautiful language:

    ** Learn Arabic, study Arabic, learn Arabic for free, how to start studying Arabic, the Arabic alphabet Do not learn its rules: learning must be contextualized. Learn things that can easily be used in a practical context, for example at work or shopping.

    ** Again, be sure to do vocalization exercises for words, phrases, or whole texts. This will help you express yourself correctly and quickly.

    ** Learn Arabic must be dynamic! It is very important to include enjoyable activities, such as games, to better assimilate the language.

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