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Vocabulary Learning Aids

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  • Vocabulary Learning Aids

    This thread is for ideas that help you to learn Arabic. It is moderated so posts will not appear until they have been approved by the moderators, but you may post any systems that you have used to help you learn arabic. Posts may be edited for clarity.


    Flashcards are simple to make and easy to use, and even making them helps you to learn vocabulary. You can buy index cards from any stationers, and if you cut the small ones (3" by 5") into quarters, you get a perfect sized flashcard.

    One one side you write the word in Arabic, on the other you write the word in English. Check your spelling carefully, you don't want to learn a word wrong because you spelled it wrong on the flashcard! If possible, get someone who speaks Arabic to check them for you. (they might even give you alternative words for the ones you are learning, which are always helpful to know)

    You can use them to test how well you know Arabic words by reading the Arabic word (its best if you read it out loud to practice your pronunciation), saying out loud what it means, then looking at the English on the back to check if you were right. If you don't know what the word means, look on the back and say the word in Arabic a few times whilst imagining the meaning. This helps you to remember the word for next time.

    Similarly you can test how well you can translate from English to Arabic by reading the English word, and saying the Arabic word out loud and checking on the back to see if you got it right. (most people find this way harder than from Arabic to English) - the ones you get wrong, still say them in your head in Arabic whilst imagining the meaning, as before.

    When you go through the flashcards, make two piles, those you got right and those you got wrong. You can double check the ones you got right again if you want. If you know the word so well you'd never get it wrong, put the flashcard away for a bit. Alternatively, the ones in the "words I know" pile, you can go through them the other way (e.g. Arabic to English if you started English to Arabic) to check how well you really know them. Don't ignore the "words I know" pile, because you don't want to forget them!

    What to do with the "words I don't know" pile: if there are just a few words, try making Arabic sentences with those words. When you use words in the proper context, it helps you to remember them. Try making a few different sentences with the same word in it. The more you do this, the easier the word will be to remember. You could also try carrying the flashcards with you and test yourself on them at random times and try to improve how many you get right each time.

    If there are many flashcards in the "words I don't know" pile, then pick a few (six is a good number, but no more than ten) that you want to learn the most. Do the same things with those words as suggested above. Once you feel you have learned these few words really well, return them to your whole pile of flashcards and when you do your flashcards again, you should find the "words I don't know" pile has gotten smaller... again pick just the few you want to learn the most, and keep going until you no longer have a "words I don't know" pile at all (then move onto the next exercise!!)

    Making a picture dictionary
    [purpose:to understand Arabic words in context without thinking in English.]

    This is something else you can do with flashcards in the "words I don't know" pile, and its also something you can do straight away with new lists of vocabulary to learn. It gets bigger and better the more you use it :)

    Very simple, get a piece of plain (not lined) paper, and divide it up into eighths (fold in half, half again, then half again, you'll have eight sections when you open it up) - in each section write the word to be learned and then draw the word. This is very straight forward for most nouns (though it will challenge your artistic skills) but rather more difficult for many verbs and abstract words... however try to think of a way to represent the word, this will help you to learn the word in Arabic without thinking in English. (a very important thing you need to do to develop your understanding of the Arabic language). Each day, look at your picture dictionary, or one or two pages a day (vary it so you get different pages on different days) and read the each word in Arabic whilst looking at the picture. Colouring in your pictures will also help you to learn it, as colour helps the brain to make connections.

    You don't need to divide the paper into eight each time... you might want to learn all words to do with shopping by drawing a big picture of a shopping centre or a market and writing Arabic words next to the things in the picture. This helps you to remember the words in the right context. Also, for learning things like North, South, East and West you can draw a large compass and add the words in the appropriate places. Any time you have new vocabulary to learn, try to find ways to represent the words as pictures and write the words onto the pictures. Add all these to your picture dictionary.

    colour coding flashcards

    you can get different coloured index cards, or packs with four different colours in, from most stationers - alternatively you can use different coloured pens on white flashcards.

    this has to be done carefully, it is good to do this as colour helps learning, however the system needs to be simple and straight forward (e.g. pink for nouns, green for verbs, yellow for adjectives) and it should be to clarify tye type of word (sometimes its only obvious what type of word it is when its in a sentence) - you must make sure you are not in the situation where the system is so complex that the colour gives you a clue to the meaning of the word - because if that happens you are not learning the words properly and you'll be stuck when you come across the word in black ink on white paper.


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    Really useful tips.

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      and also using arabic- arabic dictionary will be useful. you better try to comprehend the structure of arabic very well. you should give up thinking in english, u have to get used to think in arabic. You should look at arabic -arabic dictionaries. If you still dont understand, you should look it up an arabic-english dictionary.

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        Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

        These all seem like good tips that wil (insha allah) come in handy. My one question is does anyone have a preferred site to go to find an arabic-english dictionary. Eventually when finances are more improved I would like to acquire one for myself.


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          Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

          The normal Arab English dictionary which students use is Hans Weir. Don't buy it online cos I think it will be very expensive. If you have any Islamic book shops near by you may be able to buy it for ten or twenty pounds instead of like 50 which some place will charge you.
          If you wanted a website dictionary, try it's useful as a quick resourse
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            Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids


            I am new to the site, and to the Arabic language. I find Arabic a fascinating and challenging language to learn. As I am new to the language I need all the help I can get, and the suggestions mentioned above sound like great learning tools that I will most definately use in my daily life, in order to increase my ability to learn. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive site to study your language. I look forward to working with everybody. Thanks again for the site, and letting me be a part of it.

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              Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

              Flash cards are really helpful.

              In Arabic, we had flashcards like for example a picture of teacher (mudaris/mudarisa or mu'allim/mu'allima))and we had to make sentences about the teacher such as what color shirt he is wearing, how old he is (just make it up!), and where he is, his profession - all in Arabic.

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                Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                Here is an excellent website to make your own flashcards without wasting paper :) Also it has a neat little memory game.

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                  Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                  I am a member of this web site they offer free mp3 downloads of podcasts, you only have to join in order to get the written lesson texts.
                  but I reccomend this site for beginners like me who do self study.
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                    Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                    Assalamu alaikum;
                    here is a flash about how to spell arabic letters

                    the same nasheed on youtube


                    أ*1-ألف أرنب يجري يلعب يأكل جزراً كي لا يتعب

                    2ب-باء بطة نطت نطة وقعت ضحكت منها القطة

                    3ت-تاء تاج فوق الرأس فيه الذهب فيه الماس

                    4ث-ثاء ثعلب صاد دجاجة هو مكار وقت الحاجة

                    5ج-جيم جمل في الصحراء مثل سفينة فوق الماء

                    6ح-حاء حج أسمى رغبة فيه طواف حول الكعبة

                    7خ-خاء خبز عند البائع لا يأكله إلا الجائع

                    8د- دال ديك الصوت جميل كوكوكو يقوم خليل

                    9ذ- ذال ذئب وحشا صعبا لا يُرهبه إلا الكلبا

                    10ر - راء رجل عرف الدين فهو صدوق وهو أمين

                    11ز- زاي زهرٌ اصفر واحمر وللعين اجمل منظر

                    12س-سين ساعة تحفظ وقتي في مدرستي أو في بيتي

                    13ش- شين شمس بالأنوار تشرق فينا كل نهار

                    14ص- صاد صف فيه نشاط فيه المبدع والخطاط

                    15ض- ضاد ضفدع في الأنهار في الماء وبين الأشجار

                    16ط- طاء طير كالعصفور يصحو صبحا قبل النور

                    17ظ- ظاء ظفر نظفناه طال قليلاً قصصناه

                    18ع- عين عينٌ تخشى الله تشهد خيرا فيه رضاه

                    19غ-غين غار فيه أمان فيه رسول للإنسان

                    20ف- فاء فيل ذو أنياب وهو صديقي يا أصحاب

                    21ق- قاف قمرٌ فيه منازل ومواقيتٌ تهدي السائل

                    22ك- كاف كلب عاش جواري يحرس غنمي يحرس داري

                    23ل- لام لحم يبني جسمي قبل الأكل فيه أسمي

                    24م- ميم مسجد بيت الله فيه نؤدي كل صلاة

                    25ن- نون نهر نهر النيل وهو كريم غير بخيل

                    26ه- هاء هرم عالي القمة وهو بناء رمز الهمة

                    27و- واو وجها للإنسان فيه إشراقا بالإيمان

                    28ي- ياء يدنا ترسم زهرة تبدع شكلا تظهر فكرة


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                      Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                      ما شاء الله تبارك الله

                      أين وجدت الكلمات للنشيد؟


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                        Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                        بارك الله فيك،
                        كتبتها بنفسي :) أنا عربية


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                          Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                          I see flash card is really good for us and i also recommend to take tajweed class because when we start to recite the quran we must be careful to recite with tajweed. For this vocabulary learning aids different online institutes are available all over the world. Quran reading is the best way to recite quran with tajweed and vocabulary learing aids.


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                            Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                            Could someone please tell me what this symbol means?


                            JazakAllah Khair


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                              Re: Vocabulary Learning Aids

                              Originally posted by jihadist View Post
                              Could someone please tell me what this symbol means?


                              JazakAllah Khair
                              "For the indication of the beginning of the ajza, ahzab, their halves and their quarters."

                              So you'd see the symbol on the right at the beginning of a juz, at the half of the juz, at the quarter of the juz, and at the beginning of a hizb.

                              And Allah ta'ala knows best.
                              "And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way."
                              (al-Baqarah: 143)

                              Allahumma innaa na'udhu bika min an nushrika bika shai-an na'lamuh; wa nastaghfiruka limaa laa na'lam.



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