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The easiest way ever to learn and understand Quran vocabulary

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  • The easiest way ever to learn and understand Quran vocabulary

    Please excuse my English because I am French.
    I'm the creator of a mobile application, QuranProgress.
    Quran progress is an application that aims at simplifying the learning of Quran vocabulary.

    On one hand, this application aims at assisting the non Arabic speakers and beginners in their efforts to memorise Quran – As it’s well known that people memorise better things they understand – and on the other hand, the application seeks to improve the global understanding of the explicit meaning of Quran verses at listening or meditation.

    For this reason, Quran progress is based on two essential points:

    It uses a highly effective memorisation method, called spaced repetition, which has been demonstrated by renown scientists.
    It maximises efficacy of learning, as i helps learn the maximum with minimum efforts (see below).

    If I contact you, it's because most users of QuranProgress are French.
    We would like to make know the application for English People. The application was translated by a professionnal but now, we don't have any support from the english muslim community :).

    About QuranProgress, more infos in

    BarakAllahu fik !