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Learn Quran and Arabic online FREE with Quran courses academy

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  • Learn Quran and Arabic online FREE with Quran courses academy

    Skype ID: thequrancourses
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +447921437495
    WhatsApp: +201223907739

    This course is designed for those who want to learn Quran online. Our expert tutors will guide learners step by step, recognizing that each student learns their own pace, to achieve their goals.

    Quran memorization course at The Quran Courses Academy teaching is very beneficial for those who want to start memorizing Quran courses online without forgetting it. This is is suitable for those who can read Arabic easily in a proper way. So, if you can just read Arabic, you can register for this course. Quran tutor will take you step by step with you.

    Your guardian will read with Tajweed (in a proper way) and he will ask you to repeat after him. He will do this process several times. Then he begins the next verse, read it and you will repeat it after him, and so on.

    In each class, you are following verses for the new memorization, verses for the revision before, and verses for the revision backward, that you will not forget that you memorize.

    This course is also suitable for children, but you can do it by following this topic. Quran, you can register them for this course.

    Our Quran teachers can follow with them and help them memorize easily. Quran teachers of any sura (chapter) that you would like to start.

    Classes are via voice or video calls via Skype or zoom, which are applications that can be simply used.

    Classes are taken at your convenient time.

    So, if you or your children would like to start memorizing the Noble Quran or if you have already memorized everything and want to review or memorize some. Our program includes: memorizing the whole Quran, memorizing a certain sura (that you memorize or memorize the last part of the Quran).

    Quran, if Allah wills it. Quran, if Allah wills it. (May Allah be with me)

    So do not miss the chance to join Quran courses online from the Quran coursesTeaching Learn with Tajweed.

    This course helps students memorize the Qur'an. It's a very inclusive race to help students and put in their anxiety to forget what they have memorized.

    This training is intended to help those who want to be Hafizeen of the Qur'an. Our program is for those who can read Arabic easily and easily. Students can start memorizing the Quran now. In online classes, the teacher asks the student to prepare a paper copy of Mushaf, a notebook and a pencil. The mushaf should be the student's own use, the car while reciting with the sheikh, will mark him with the errors. This itself has highlighted and focuses on its accuracy during its process of memorization. Upon request the student to make a schedule, to make a column for the new hifz, one for learns before and another for revision. This program is perfect for all students because it helps to always revise your hifz. Thus, the student has no chance to forget the Qur'an he memorized.

    We have set three programs so that the student can choose from the Qur'an. Students can choose one of the following programs of this Quran with tajweed:

    A.) Memorization of the last 30 suras.

    B.) Memorization of certain suras selected by the tutor.

    C.) Memorize the whole Quran.
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    How to learn to read the Quran?
    Email: [email protected]

    Quran is the last book of Allah Almighty guiding the Muslims on how to seek the blessing of Allah. A Muslim cannot know how to please Allah without learning the Quran with accurate Tajweed. The knowledge of Tajweed teaches the learners how to pronounce some of the words with the twist of tongue. A person having no knowledge of Tajweed cannot recite the Holy Quran accurately. He cannot pronounce the Arabic words accurately; consequently, the meanings of the true message of Allah turn wrong. It is considered to be a great sin.
    In other words, reciting the Quran without Tajweej is a great sin because the accurate meaning of the Quran cannot be delivered. To learn Quran with Tajweed, it is essential to seek the help of a competent Arabic teacher. Only the teacher cannot let you have a command over Tajweed until you do much practice in this regard. The lesson you learn from the teacher has to be repeated time and again. This is how you can learn to read Quran.