..Seriously though, I'm not a native speaker. I Studied in a Saudi School for 4 years starting from grade 1 + 2 in a saudi masjid but my arabic has deteriorated greatly. I can still converse in arabic, but its somewhat a struggle. Was listenting to myself as a 11 year me in a cassette and i sounded so fluent. I just want to get to that level again.

Can we have all the native arabic speakers in this thread to help us out trying to learn arabic or trying to relearn like my case. If i watch a show i find that I understand 95% of conversation but cant get myself to speak ot anymore. :(

My reading is poor...4th grade level and my writing the same thing.


You guys native speakers?

All the translate apps ang google translate is pure garbage...Maybe the umman forum guys can do a better job at helping us transalte sentences?