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Arabic steps help.

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  • Arabic steps help.

    Salam alaykum, I want to ask the people here:

    1) Do you or did you study Arabic online? If so, please explain the steps you take or took to learn Arabic. Please explain your steps in terms of your planning, daily schedule, and progress.

    2) What books or videos other than the Quran would you recommend to study Arabic? If they are available online, please post the links.

    I am a beginner when it comes to Arabic. I can read the Quran but I cannot have conversations. I am working on my Arabic steps and I will be considering your advice. Thank you and may Allah bless anyone who helps me.

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    Re: Arabic steps help.

    U can try keys 2 knowledge
    online course with vids books and teacher check their facebook out


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      Re: Arabic steps help.

      W aleykum as-salaam.

      Firstly, congratulations on taking this step to learn the best language.

      Studying online can only take you so far imo but there are online resources that are always available and can be useful. Use to be able to type in Arabic and copy and paste into Google translate which can be useful for individual words or short phrases.

      There are tutorials on YouTube but the quality is VERY varied so be careful.

      There are Arabic language cartoons and programs which you can watch to get used to listening to Arabic but again, choose which version of Arabic you're learning otherwise you might be wasting your time.

      Most major news outlets have Arabic language versions which are updated daily and can be useful to regularly test yourself. Again, the quality of the content is usually not good but from a language learning perspective it is useful.

      Good luck :up: