Salam Alakium brothers and sisters, I have discussed a little bit about my learn the Arabic alphabet videos 101 channel on YouTube here in most some my last blog posts and I have posted quite a bit about that, so now I would like to briefly talk about my Arabic reading and writing course 102 that is not out yet it will be out latter. That course like Arabic alphabet 101 is a free course as well, we will be reading to read small suras of the last Juz of the Quraan. So we will read them together 3 times and then go over the meaning of the verses. I will also have a Arabic vocab and speech course that will be accepting students after EID sometime. The Arabic speech course and vocab course will be based on the Islamic University Of Madinah's Arabic language book courses covering the first half of the book.

But I translate the book to help my English speaking students learn better and faster and of course I would teach it in English most Arabic teachers don't teach it in English or translate the text. I will have a few of those courses and the rest of the courses will be free insha-Allah one of which will be the Islamic misconceptions clarified videos, I may not have any other islamic course besides that one though. The only one I may have would be a seerah course, the reason I would not teach so many islamic courses is because Masha-Allah it has been taught time and time again and many institutes and websites provide such courses free so I would not be adding any new merit to anyone, I want to focus on the most important islamic skills that are needed in out time and that we have a very little access to or no one is teaching.

I may insha-Allah provide the best deeds course also on YouTube which would be talking about the hadiths that tell us about deeds which have very high rewards that most Muslims don't know about. Or if a Muslim recites sura Al kursi after every salah nothing would keep him from entering paradise except death. There is even a way to make jahanam haraam for you and that is by praying 2 rukah before fajr and 2 rukah before asr. Someone may ask in that case I am all set no need to pray or fast or wake up for fajr or be kind to my parents I am all set to go, well no it doesn't work like that you still have to do all the required deeds. There is a way to make al Jannah make dua for you and hellfire make dua for you and that is by asking Allah for jannah 3 times than jannah will make dua that Allah gives you Jannah and making dua for protection of the hellfire May Allah protect me and you from it than it will also make dua for Allah to protect you from it. And there are so many other great deeds you likely have no idea about and of course I will bring the evidence from the Sunnah.