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My Experience trying to learn the Arabic alphabet

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  • My Experience trying to learn the Arabic alphabet

    Salam Alakium everyone I like to share my experience with everyone of my experience in trying to read Arabic from the age of 7 until today at 26 years old.

    I was raised and born in the west to parents from Gaza or arabic background but despite that I could not understand any other dialect besides my parents and maybe other Palestinian dialect and I would not even call it that because my dad was raised in Saudi and mom was married at age 14 and also left Gaza. So their dialect is kind of their own I guess. Or somewhat palestinian, anyway, I could not understand any other dialect besides my parents and my dad's friends who were Egyptian and some Palestinian but I could not understand fully and I would keep looking at my dad like what did they say?

    I always had a love for the arabic language or at least wanted to learn it more then I cared for English because it connects to islam and the Quraan and I preferred the arabic/ islamic culture per the western culture. http://

    We would be watching old black and white Egyptian movies from the 1950's and my dad would ask us do you understand anything and my sisters would say no, and he would ask me and I would always say a little. But in reality I didn't understand much. I just felt so badly wanting to understand because I knew this is the language of Islam and I really should understand it if I like islam and at the time I always wanted to be a Shiekh or imam as a young kid.

    One day my dad said who ever of you learns the arabic alphabet first I will take them to Disney world. And I could have sworn I never once saw a commercial about Disney world but I still knew what it was somehow. Not sure how, but I thought okay this is something I can do, I was not good in school but arabic is the islamic language and I like that more then secular studies. I remember writing Alif and baa and Taa and I thought were am I and where is the rest of the letters, there is no way I will learn. I kept writing over and over those few letters to memorize them and I did lean the first three but I gave up because it seemed impossible.

    I was once holding the Quraan in arabic and I was looking at it and my dad told me can you read it? I read the first page from my memorization of the sura and I put my finger on the text but I was going the wrong way trying to show I am reading while in reality I was not. My dad said that's the wrong way, implying he knew I was not reading.

    I gave up for 3 years until the age of 10 and this was in the early 2000's when the computer and internet boom kind of started and people were buying computers for their homes and internet and there was a new availability of learning material that did exist before so I found few arabic alphabet learning sites that will read the letters when you click it and show the form but I still thought this is too hard I am never going to learn.

    I gave up a age 10 and I never thought again about trying to learn arabic and I threw that dream behind my back. Until the age of 22 when I decided to enrol into a islamic university online for the BA degree and one of the course made by Dr. Bilal'a Arabic reading and writing made easy course and I thought this course is amazing he breaks it down so well it's like impossible not to learn. While taking the course I thought I will surely make a course like this one and provide it for a reduced price which I did and it's free on my youtube channel btw.

    After I took the course I was able to recognize arabic alphabet letters and I tried to take random texts and see if I can read them and I could barely read them. So I thought that's too bad I didn't gain what I was hoping for, until one day my cousin sent me a message in arabic on Facebook and I could make out some of the letters! I was so happy and little by little I could make out more of what e would type to me.

    So one day I pick up the Quraan and I start trying to read sura al baqara and I give up, it was too hard, like chopped up the way a child reads. Few years latter I try again and I say okay I know the words of sura so baqara by listening to it so much so I can try to recognize the letters that way and I was able to read a little of it.

    Too be continue: