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Al-Azhar preparatory course

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  • Al-Azhar preparatory course

    * Al-Azhar preparatory course is for students who want to study at the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

    * course details:
    - The student should have a good knowledge of Arabic.
    - The course will prepare you for the exam and admission to Al-Azhar high school.(Three years of study will be shortened) 👍👌.
    - 7 months program/ 3 hours a week/ 96 $ per month.
    - After this course the student will be familiar with: Arabic grammar( Nahw - Sarf - Balaghah), Islamic Fiqh, Tafseer for one juz'a, memorize several Hadeeths of the Prophet PBUH, Egypt history and geography 🎓.
    - one - on - one classes, classes via Skype 💻.
    - Money Back Guarantee (if course is cancelled after 1 week of studying)

    save your money and time, study from anywhere and with your full time work :)
    share for khair 😀
    Whatsapp: +20 100 7862 365