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Fajr Center in Cairo

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  • Fajr Center in Cairo

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I have booked myself onto a 3-week 60-hour private intensive Arabic (MSA) course with Fajr Center in Cairo, at their Nasr City branch in November 2016 in sha Allah.

    Currently I am at the start of Book 2 of Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadayk and am hoping to get a boost with this course. This will be my first time at Fajr Center.

    Please could anyone with recent experience of Fajr Center give any advice or tips?

    I am a bit nervous about (1) travelling to Cairo for study and (2) being able to absorb and assimilate information at this pace.

    In particular - any recommendations about accommodation in Nasr City? I am struggling to find anything reasonably priced in the area online.

    Jazak Allah khair,


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    Re: Fajr Center in Cairo

    وعليكم السلام
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    You can try private messaging the brother but he's been inactive for a while.

    I haven't studied at Fajr but at kalimah which was founded by a few of the teachers from Fajr so I assume they're pretty similar. They even teach the same books. No matter how broken your Arabic may be you have to try and speak ONLY Arabic, I found that really helpful. Also learning the Qur'an alongside Arabic is better Imo.

    Accommodation is much cheaper if you're sharing the apartment so try finding a few brothers who are students too. You have to be careful not to get ripped off like we were. If you're traveling from the west, expect your lifestyle to be different in Egypt. I found it to be better tbh.

    I hope you benefit from your journey in shaa Allaah
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      Re: Fajr Center in Cairo

      Wa alaykum as-salam

      It will be a good experience in sha Allah. It's only 3 weeks after all.

      Try to arrange your airport pick up. It would be difficult otherwise.

      There might be a room available in an apartment with other western brothers. You can pay for the month and it would be 1200 EGP. But it depends on if it's available when you come or not.

      There is also a small flat here you can rent for 2400 a month... fully furnished. Again, depends on the availability and when you come.

      If you need any help or anything else, I am currently here in Nasr City... not far from Fajr.
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