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A New initiative to understand Quranic Arabic

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  • A New initiative to understand Quranic Arabic

    Alslamu alykum ..hope you are enjoying your Ramadan , I was thinking about a radio show made by me broadcasted using Spreaker .. it could start in the 21th day of Ramadan and for its end .. the show's content is depending on your choice .. It could be about some ayat with tafssir in Arabic and its translation .. also it could be explaining for some of the grammar in Arabic or anything you could suggest .. the purpose of this idea is that I want to help muslims especially those who don't know Arabic .. so make me a favor and tell me what do you want .. also it could be recorded or live .. if you want to make it a show for answering questions live it's okay too .. if I made the show you are mostly all my audience so let me know how can we do it .. peace