This is an interpretation given by most Muslim interpretations of this verse : "Allah did indeed fulfil His promise to you when with His leave you defeated them, until you flinched and fell into dispute about the order and disobeyed the Prophet, after Allah had brought it within your sight the booty which you loved. Among you there were some who desired the gain of this world and some who desired the gain of the Hereafter. He allowed you to be defeated in order to test you, but now He has forgiven you, for Allah is gracious to the believers." When the Arabic words of this verse is translated word for word it reads : The

Sedkkm Allah اللَّهُ His promise It Thssounam His permission. Even If You fail And differ At.

It And rebelled against From Distance What See you What Love You From Wants Lower.

And you From Wants Hereafter Then Srvkm Released To Abtelicm The Pardon. Believers You And God A Prefer Ali.

Which is the correct translation of this verse?