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    This article will be about a brief instruction and explanation of some the sounds of the Arabic alphabet. In the sound each letter makes. The letter Alif ا makes the sound like a long a sound 'aa'. The letter Baa ب makes the sound like the English 'b'. The letter Taa ت makes a sound like the English 't'. The letter Thaa ث has no English equivalent in independent alphabet letters, but sound it makes is like a 'th' sound. The letter Jeem ج makes the sound The English "j". The letter HAA ح makes a sound that has no English equivalent, It is kind of like the english 'h' with a scratching of the throat and a bit heavier. Letter Khaa خ makes a sound of the kh sound in English. The letter daal د makes a sound as the English 'd'. The letter dthaal ذ Has no English equivalent, But the sound it makes is like a 'd' connected with a a 'th' sound kind of. The letter raa ر Has no English equivalent. And can't be explained without hearing it physically. The letter zaa or zaay ز is like the English 'z'. The letter seen س is like English 'S' sound. The letter sheen ش makes the same sound as an 'sh' sound in English. The letter ص saad has no English equivalent, It makes a kind of heavy S sound, like a's' followed by 'a' sound kind of. The letter Daad ض has no English equivalent sound either. It also sounds like a heavy D meaning a 'd' followed by 'a' sound. This article was made as just a quick review or as a general instruction of the Arabic alphabet letters it's not intended for anyone to learn because it's impossible to learn via text alone. Those are some of the Arabic letters but not all of them. As you can she's very hard to learn using text without a video instruction. This method will never actually teach you because it's too confusing and complicated without actual clear and simple video instruction. That is why a student trying to learn the Arabic Alphabet can't learn it without a good teacher and instructor, my course is based on the book arabic Alphabet reading and writing made easy by shiekh Bilal. Click the link and sign-up today:
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