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Arabic Alphabet Basic Lesson

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  • Arabic Alphabet Basic Lesson

    Arabic Alphabet can be a challenge to learn without a proper instructor that is why it is important to have a good learning method to learn the Arabic Alphabet. The arabic Alphabet has 28 letters and six letters are are non-connecting letters. The Arabic alphabet has 28 consonants and they are pronounce accordance to the first letter of their names. For example the daal د pronounced as 'd' And the letters raa is pronounced as 'raa' But it's different from English are it has a roll on the tongue like sound that you would make when you were young like a motorcycle sound. There's a roll sound on the letter raa. I can't explain it via text to you have to hear it physically. That is why it is important to actually have a video instruction instructor not just text. Arabic alphabet is written from right to left the complete opposite of English. Consequently the formation of letters must match direction with the words that are written. The Arabic alphabet letter seen س corresponds to the high-pitched S in English words like see except the tip of the tongue is in contact with upper teeth. It is written like a cursive W beginning from the right on the line followed by the large circular u written below the line. The course that I teach at Medina institute is based on the book of Shiekh Bilal Entitled Arabic reading and writing made easy. And that book is based on the third edition of the Arabic for non-Arabic students, Published by the king saud university language institute. It was written under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Seney a graduate of Georgetown University in the US. The book that we use in my course as I said is Arabic reading writing made easy is written by Shiekh Bilal and is based on the book of the king Saud University language institute as I just explained. And my course at Medina institute is based nearly entirely on the book of Shiekh's Bilal book and instruction and various lessons and presentation is based mainly on how he taught when I studying his course at KIU, and the teaching method is nearly same except for a few few minor deletion of some concepts and a few addition material added. For example; in his book they read short hadith's and some suras of the Quraan in my course we read more longer hadiths then presented in his book and no Quraan suras. With a few minor deletion and edition as such. As for students who want to practice to read the Quraan that course will be presented as a free course soon inshallah. Another course we will have which will be a paying course will be a Arabic vocabulary course based on the book of Islamic University of Medina. You can view the first session for free today:
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    Re: Arabic Alphabet Text Instruction

    My entire course is totally free now because your all too cheap to pay $15 so I have posted it for free for everyone. Search Arabic alphabet song to find my channel and here is the first lesson: