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Learn The Arabic Alphabet Online For $5! Special Offer!

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  • Learn The Arabic Alphabet Online For $5! Special Offer!

    Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.

    I'm here to discuss my Arabic alphabet class that I'm offering a exclusive offer to everyone at ummah forum. The course Is for $20 but for this week only you can take the full course for only $5! All you have to do is contact us on our website with the promo code: GIVE-ME-5! Once you do that, We will send you a PayPal request directly to your PayPal And once it's paid you will receive your login password and your link. You can then login anytime you want anytime and anyplace and from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Internet connection. You can also view the course from your iPod, iPhone And android. The course consist of 20 sessions that are about one hour long each. What is presented in a way that won't require the students to force themself to memorize all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. But they can learn them easily throughout the course with the many practice assignments and quizzes and tests we have along the way that we do together. Before I studied this course at Knowledge International University I thought it's impossible for me to be able to learn the alphabet and keep them retained in my mind. But after I took the course I realize that this method is really unique and innovative and simple to follow. Although, The course is intensive and requires the student you do quite a bit of effort and time to advance in the learning of the alphabet the course is simple and easy to follow it just requires the persons time and effort. Unlike other courses, in my course you won't require the student to force themselves to memorize the letters yet you learn them naturally with all practice assignments as a stated before. Unlike all other courses the secret is that we don't force the student to memorize all the letters yet all other courses will present all there letters all at once in a chart which will cause confusion and panic for the students, making them overwhelmed and given up early on during other courses. In my course we divide the time with four letters each then after we master those four letters Move onto the next set of letters divided by four in each set. So for example the first Four letters that we will be learning in the course is that letter daal, raa, seen and noon. You may be wondering well that's not in order so why are you presented it in that way? The reason is we divided it and presented in the way that will make it most easiest for the student to grasp and understand the letters. So we would focus on those four letters do a lot of practice assignment a lot of dictation a lot of writing and reading and then only then we would move onto the next to the four letters after a few a sessions. That will ensure the student will be able to remember all the letters without the need to force them to memorize them quickly. That will also ensure the student retains what they learn and I forget it soon after. You can also view the entire first session free on the homepage! I'm sure you're interested to sign up if so, Do visit us at our website and email us with a promo code: GIVE-ME-5! to access the full course for $5!

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