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Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

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  • Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

    I had a "Maulvi Saab" visit my house for years when I was kid. Many years later, when I sat down with a proper sheikh I realized I had no idea how to read with the PROPER rules of Tajweed. Im sure there are great teachers out there visiting peoples homes. However alot of you will find yourselves in the same situation as I.

    School of Quran is a UK based online Quran academy which teaches people of all ages how to read the Quran properly. They have qualified male and female teachers from around the world.
    You can study any days of the week and at any time, classes are recorded and you get regular feedback and reporting.
    No doubt they are really doing a professional job.
    Visit or

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    Re: Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

    Similar happend with my younger brothers :) He was so sure of his Quran reading skills before coming to US. Once he was reading the Holy Quran and i was listening to it. I realized he is weak at pronounciation and needs to improve it. Now Alhmadulillah he is enrolled with Academy with Quran Reading and Recitation courses.

    He is improving and i am happy for it :)
    [B][SIZE=3][URL=""]Online Quran Academy - Learn Quran Online[/URL][/SIZE][/B]


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      Re: Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

      We Also provide Online Quran Learning Service. Learning Quran at home is an excellent program that enables adults, Muslims and new Muslims to Read Quran. AlQuranstudy have 24-7 classes. We have students in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and all over the world. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try three FREE no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our online Quran learning service. After that, you can decide to continue or discontinue Online Quran Reading with us. We have both male and female tutors.

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        Re: Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

        Holy Quran learning from home.
        learn quran online is an easy way for you and your kids to learn
        quran. All you need is a pc, headset with a microphone and a broadband
        internet connection. Alhamdu lillah we teach holy quran 1 to 1 classes
        using the latest software's, technology and the latest quran teaching
        methods and tutors. Alhamdu lillah thousands of muslims have benefited
        from this and have learn to read quran and learn quran with tajweed.
        Now students of any age in any country can learn to read quran at
        their own schedule and pace. Parents can now watch their children
        learning quran in front of their eyes. Alhamdulliah, our new semester
        starting and is now offering many more courses with full segregation.
        All our lessons will be live sessions online 1 to 1 with our teachers
        using our latest virtual classroom technology giving you that real
        classroom learning experience online.

        our online quran courses:
        (1) basic quran reading lessons
        (2) quran learning with tajweed
        (3) advance tajweed courses
        (4) how to pray salaah
        (5) quran memorization & translation classes
        (6) arabic & urdu learning classes
        Email: [email protected]


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          Re: Learn to read the Quran online -with you own personal teacher

          At Quran Schoo our ablest and most honorable teachers are waiting for the Muslims adults and children and those who understand about Muslims faith, You have to come across Online Quran School to learn the holy Quran at any time and any place.
          [URL=""]Online Quran Reading[/URL] | Spreading the Knowledge of Quran | [URL=""]Memorize Quran Online[/URL]


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            learn quran online Quran academy should also be very competent in Arabic language and its grammar.
            learn quran online - learn quran morizing Quran is a dream of every muslim/muslimah that wishes to come true one day. online quran classes - learn quran Those who were before us saw the Koran messages from their Lord,learn quran online they understood at night, and implemented by day, are we? Do we read and execute, how will we implement and perhaps did not understand the meaning? It is necessary to measure meanings. It is helpful to: 1 - observe the etiquette of recitation, of purity, sincerity, Istaaz, and Bmml. 2 - trying to empty the self concerns, and limit the thought with the Koran, and reverence and influence. 3 - Recitation carefully, and management, and passion, and reverence, and not be the end of the end of the Sura, but stand in front of the verse that read careful pause, repeated scrutiny, and then the renewed return of the verses. 4- The detailed view in the context of the verse: its composition, its meaning, its descent, its strangeness, its connotations. 5 - Note the realistic dimension of the verse, so that it makes the verse a starting point for the treatment of his life and reality. 6 - Return to the understanding of the predecessor of the verse, and see the views of some of the commentators in the verse. 7 - absolute confidence in the Koranic text, and subject to the reality contrary to him, with the use of modern knowledge and cultures to a broader understanding.
            learn quran online


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              Learn to read Quran from the basic level is very important, whether it is online or face-to-face, as it is the learning phase of basic skills or the basic concept for learning or the Quran. Reading Quran without developing the basic skills of tajweed is not possible. These basic skills form the basis, it is known that “the base is strength”. The learning power of these basic skills allows you and your children to read the Quran with perfection, which is especially important in learning the Quran. This process is based on the traditional Qaida (Basic Tajweed) which is designed to be read immediately after completing this little booklet with the help of our online teachers on this platform of Online Quran Tutor


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                Quran Teacher is a wonderful service introduced by Dawat-e-Islami with this you can learn to recite Quran with proper Arabic phonetics no matter at which place you are and that too in a small span of time. So those, who haven’t learned to recite Quran yet should register themselves at and start learning.
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