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  • Arabic Resource Thread

    بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

    This is going to be an Arabic Resource thread where links will be provided to websites which provide information on
    1. Arabic Dictionaries
    2. Arabic Writing
    3. Arabic Grammar
    4. Basic Words and Phrases
    5. Online Lessons and Tutorials for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic
    6. Online Lessons for Colloquial Arabic
    7. Media Arabic
    8. Information about Arabic
    9. Pronunciation
    10. Software Downloads

    This first post will be about Arabic to English and English to Arabic Dictionaries, Lexicons, and Glossaries.

    Arabic Dictionaries

    EW Lane Lexicon

    This is an absolute must lexicon for any student wishing to learn Arabic. The lexicon can be downloaded and viewed at the following links

    Online Viewer

    Download Lexicon

    Search Lexicon

    Shakir Online Dictionary

    You can use this online dictionary to search for words in either Arabic-English or English-Arabic.

    Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary

    This comprehensive English-Arabic dictionary contains words, phrases, abbreviations & acronyms. It includes terms from a vast variety of subjects, such as Medicine, Electronics, Zoology, Business, Computers, Religion, etc., and features both the American and British forms of spelling.

    Babylon Arabic-English Dictionary

    The Arab2English glossary has been tested to work with the Webbrowsers Mozilla, Firebird and Opera. This glossary does not work well with Microsoft Internet Explorer and other Microsoft Software such as Microsoft Word. This is neither my fault nor that of Babylon, I think. But to the best of my knowledge the Arab language routines used by Microsoft are faulty

    English <-> Arabic Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO

    Designed so that you can receive immediate back-translations with ease, we will help you increase your understanding at the same time as providing the answer to your question.

    Lesan Arabic<> English Dictionary

    Lessan dictionary currently contains more than 50,000 translation pairs, and is working to increase that number.

    English - Arabic Finance Glossary

    Not a dictionary but just a glossary of Arabic finance words with English equivalents.

    English-Arabic Dictionary - Index

    Medical Terms Arabic English Dictionary

    The Unified Medical Dictionary (UMD) is a multilingual medical dictionary. The first edition was issued in the 1960s by the Arab Medical Union in Baghdad, Iraq, to meet the urgent need in Arab countries for unified medical terms. Since the third edition (1973), WHO has taken the lead in maintaining and developing it, with valuable contribution from the Arab Health Ministers’ Council, Arab Medical Union and Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO). A specialized committee of experts was set up to collect, verify and add to the medical terms. The committee receives feedback, comments and information from experts and professionals from all over the Arab world, as well as medical terms approved and issued by the Arab academies in Cairo, Damascus, Amman and Baghdad.

    The UMD is available in print, on CD and on the internet. The fourth edition of the UMD contains more than 150 000 terms in English and Arabic. Most of these terms are available also in Farsi, French, German and Spanish.

    Medical English-Arabic

    This Medical Dictionary is based on the Unified Medical Dictionary.

    Dentistry English Arabic Dictionary

    All words are from Dentistry Dictionary of World Health Organization.

    English 2 Arabic Glossary

    Its fully comprehensive English to Arabic Dictionary collected from many English to Arabic Dictionaries I hope it Help You in understanding All English words you may found a problem with it good wishes.........Enjoy it

    Wadan English-Arabic Auditing Terms

    Arabic-Arabic Dictionary

    This website allows you to search 4 to 5 of the most renowned Arabic-Arabic Dictionaries such as Lisan ul Arab and Tajurl 'Uroos.

    United Nations Multilingual Terminology Databaseof the Arabic Translation Service

    Contains over 42,000 entries in English-Arabic-French-Spanish

    Arabic English Dictionary

    Here is a dictionary has terms in both English to Arabic and Arabic. It also has specialized dictionaries for political, medical, legal, and statistical terms and many more.

    Colloquial Arabic Dictionary

    This is a user generated dictionary for Colloquial Arabic.

    Arabic-Arabic Lexicon

    This is a Arabic to Arabic Lexicon provided by Shaikr.

    Saudi Terminology Data Bank

    This is a searchable dictionary for terminology in different fields in Arabic, English, French and German.

    Hava Arabic-English Dictionary

    This is a Classical Arabic Dictionary which is very good for classical Arabic but not very good for Modern Standard Arabic.

    Aratools Arabic-English dictionary

    Aratools Arabic - English dictionary is an electronic dictionary available on the web, as an iPhone application and as a Windows and Mac OS X application (beta versions to be released soon).

    • Prefix and suffix morphology.
    • Shows POS information
    • Over 80000 stems in dictionary.
    • Especially suited for translating arabic news sources or for Arabic language learners.
    • Crossplatform.

    IT and computer-related terminology

    If you need to know what a forum is in Arabic then this IT related terminology dictionary from Microsoft is for you. from Microsoft.

    Arabic-Arabic Dictionary

    This website contains definitions of Arabic words in Arabic from the following well know Arabic dictionaries.

    لسان العرب
    مختار الصحاح
    المعجم الوسيط
    تاج العروس
    الصحاح في اللغة

    Arabic Dictionaries for Languages other than English
    (French-Arabic glossary of maritime terminology)
    French-Arabic dictionary
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    Re: Arabic Resource Thread

    جزاك الله خيرا في ميزان حسناتك ان شاء الله
    دائما أمكث كثيراً في قراءة مواضيعك, حقاً انها متميزة


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      Re: Arabic Resource Thread

      قد الله يجزيك خيرا، زيشان برويز


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        Re: Arabic Resource Thread

        كلها يا المتحدثين العربية الأصلية؟ يمكنني تحسين لغتي العربية من خلال ممارسة معك
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          Re: Arabic Resource Thread

          كنت في البحرين لمدة خمسة عشر . كان طالبا في البحرين