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Information on the forthcoming Summer School at Dar al_mostafa

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  • Information on the forthcoming Summer School at Dar al_mostafa

    al-Salaam alaykum,

    Please refer to for details of the forthcoming summer School at Dar al-Mostafa.

    This year the School for English speaking students will be amalgamated with the annual 40 day program at Dar al-Mostafa for the first time insha Allah.

    This great opportunity is sure to be beneficial and full of baraka insha Allah. You will also get the amazing opportunity to learn from the great Sayyid Al-Habib 'Umar bin Hafiz (Allah preserve him) among many other Shuyukh and learn from the pious people as well.

    Dar al-Mustafa 1425/2004
    Tarim, Hadramawt,Yemen
    3rd July – 12th August

    “ Is it not time that the hearts of those who believe should be humbled to the remembrance of God and the Truth which He has sent down, and that they should not be as those to whom the book was given aforetime, and the term seemed overlong to them, so that their hearts have become hard and many of them are ungodly? Know, that God revives the Earth after it was dead. We have indeed made clear for you the signs, that haply you will understand.”

    The 10th Dar al-Mostafa Summer School will be held for a period of 40 days, beginning on Saturday, 3rd July 2004 and ending on Thursday, 12th August 2004.

    Students will live in an environment of brotherhood and mutual assistance that promotes sitting with both scholars and brothers alike, remembrance and reminding that assists one in the implementation of good works, good manners, prophetic characteristics, earning an increase in Faith and Certitude and in light of that perfect conduct with both the Creator and creation.

    Both brothers and sisters are welcome to register for the program, although the viability of the sisters program is subject to the number of applicants.



    Al-Habib Umar Bin-Hafidh

    Al-Habib Ali al-Jifri

    Al-Habib Kadhim al-Saggaf

    Shaikh Umar Hussain al-Khatib


    Qur'anic Studies

    Prophetic Traditions

    Spiritual Wayfaring



    Commentary on the Burda of al-Busairi


    Students will be afforded the opportunity to visit several ancient and sacred sites both within the blessed valley as well as outside of it. Such visits are viewed as an integral part of the course and will serve to enhance the profound spiritual and cultural experience, as testified to by past students. The sites that students are scheduled to visit will in sha’ Allah include’

    Hud, The Prophet of God. (Peace be upon him)

    The Zambal

    Al-Muhajir Ahmad bin ‘Isa

    A Historical tour of Tarim

    A Historical tour of the Old City of San’a



    The cost of the course for the entire 40-day period will be $650 excluding travel and visa costs. The fee will include;





    Cost of all internal trips within Hadramaut

    Two-night Bed and breakfast in San’a

    Cost of Visa extension whilst in Yemen.


    The deadline for Dar al-Mostafa to receive fees (non-refundable deposit) and application forms is 28th May 2004. All eligible (see pre-requisites) students are required to complete the following in order to have their application accepted;

    Fill in the online application form on

    Email a colour copy of their passport. (The information/picture page)

    Arrange a Western Union money transfer of a non-refundable deposit of $250.
    Students will be given the option of paying the remainder of the their fees either in the same money transfer as the deposit or on immediately on arrival.

    More information can be found in the course information pack
    Please Re-update your Signature