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Arabic Language made easy. Flexible & Doable. Adults & Children.

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    Arabic Language made easy. Flexible & Doable. Adults & Children.

    Arabic Language made easy. Flexible & Doable.

    Are you looking for Quality and Flexible Arabic Courses in London for yourself and/OR for your Children? Have you always wanted to learn or to teach your children Arabic only/and Islamic Studies, but had no time to Travel to attend Fixed courses? If Yes! Then we might be able to help & this is For You! We know how much many families and individuals want to learn, but simply can't! We are group of tutors who think: Maybe we Can Help!

    Executive/Short Summary,

    -We are native Females and Males Arabic Language teachers.
    -With us you can learn/Improve: Standard, Colloquial: Egyptian, Gulf (Bahrain ,Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE –Dubai), Levantine (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine) and Sudanese.
    -We cover Most London Areas and we teach ALL Levels.
    - Flexible classes. Some of us start as early as 6.30am (With mainly doctors who work 24 hours!) and some finish as late as 11 pm.
    -Classes for children ar by Native with minimum 3 years experience teachers.
    Our students range include: Business people, Children, Diplomats, Doctors, Families, House-wives, Lawyers, Journalists-BBC, Sky..- , Teachers, Politicians, University students, ..etc.

    WHY Private 1to1 Tuition?
    Tuition on a one-to-one is clearly the most productive way to learn. We provide high-level class tuition across London. Our tutors cater for all levels including primary, secondary, GCSE, A-level, under/post graduate in Arabic Language...etc.

    Private Lessons
    Before you get charged for any lesson, we will conduct an assessment of your needs and type of lessons you want to have. Then a plan will be suggested and times will be agreed.

    Modern standard Arabic Only or + Islamic Studies: (MSA) is the written Arabic language in its classical form. Used in newspapers & also widely heard on the Radio & TV. Knowledge of MSA will enable you to become well acquainted with contemporary situations in the Middle East & North Africa as well as serving introduction to the enormous wealth of classical Arabic literature.

    Egyptian or Gulf colloquial Arabic: (ECA) (GCA) are the spoken accents of Cairo & the Arabian Gulf and they are understood throughout the Arab world. Knowledge of ECA or GCA will enable you accomplish everyday tasks; to chat and to exchange opinions on current affairs with native speakers. The courses also introduce you to the Arabic script & also give you the basics of Arabic language study. Now we also have Levantine Colloquial: spoken in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine Tutor.
    Classes # per week: 2 - 3
    Hours per Class: 2
    Business Arabic: This program is intended for people who really need to learn Arabic to help make that difference in their work. For beginners, it will be useful to learn greetings and basic business etiquette; at higher levels, reading and then writing become more important. Typical learners include those involved in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, jobseekers in multinational firms where an additional language is required, and those working with international colleagues, academia and government.

    Courses System (Business Arabic):
    Hours per Class:2 or 1 1/2
    Special Courses (Combined Courses): special tailor - made courses are offered in MSA, ECA and Business Arabic or combination of any two of them. There are excellent facilities for individuals. The special courses are therefore either ideal for students who wish to study intensively or for busy people who are unable to attend scheduled classes.
    Special courses (MSA + ECA)
    Hours per Class:2 or 1 1/2
    Material Used:
    Your own textbooks or our\'s .
    We cover ALL London areas.

    Dates and Times:
    Private lessons can be arranged to accommodate individual needs and requirements.

    Levels Available:
    We teach all levels from Beginners to Advanced. Adults & Children. Your first lesson can be used to assess what type of lessons you need to have.

    Types of lessons
    Contrary to group classes where individual needs are somehow ignored, your private lessons can be tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements. You decide what type of lesson you want to have, but We can also offer you advice if you are not sure about your needs. Your private lessons can include:
    1. Grammar
    2. Pronunciation
    3. Reading and Writing
    4. Speaking and Conversation
    5. Vocabulary building
    As we can offer only 10-15 more classes only, we might have to suggest other organizations.
    For FREE consultation : 07908827213/ 07939439302
    Email US: [email protected]