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Another Windows Keyboard Issue

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    Another Windows Keyboard Issue

    Please guide me:

    I'm trying to: 1) learn Arabic; 2) learn typing using MS Word and the Windows installed keyboard; 3) learn Quran (I'm registered as Deist, but will likely soon convert to Muslim).

    Problem is: Trying to type the Bismillah, when I enter ba, seen, meem, followed by a space character (in MS Word 2007), then try to enter the kasra under the meem, it either does not show up, or I get a dashed circle (a placeholder?) with a kasra. I know the kasra is there, because if I type any other letter after the meem, then the meem becomes medial form and then the kasra shows up. (Take away that extra letter though, and voila! the ending form of meem comes back - without the kasra.)

    Since I'm simply trying to type out Al Fatiha (trying to memorize), I am frutstrated that I can't get my computer to do what I think it ought to do.

    Any help? Thanks so much

    Re: Another Windows Keyboard Issue

    Oops - sorry friends, I meant "convert to Islam" not Muslim - I should proof better!