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Online Islamic Academy

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    Online Islamic Academy

    Assalamu Aleykum,

    Le Quran Academy offers Islamic online classes to Men, Women and Children, beginners and advanced learners INSHALLAH.

    We offer a wide range of courses such as Basic Quran Reading, Islamic Essentials or Advances Tajweed and tarteel....

    One to one basis courses, we are totally flexible as our Academy runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to adapt to your free days and timings INSHALLAH.

    We offer 3 totally free trial classes for prospective students to be able to test our Method without any commitment INSHALLAH.
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    Re: Online Islamic Academy

    I"m so envious thats what i need but... it would be some time before i could afford the 100 euros.. thats what close to 200 USD? How often do you do a new class cycle? I have a book to teach the basics of arabic but i so need help w/ another actual person. i love languages thats not the issue ... but arabic certainly isnt just branching off to another romance language and even the slavic languages "clicked" but.. maybe its due to the age thing.. learning languages gets harder as you get older... i dunno but i think i really need another "person" .



      Re: Online Islamic Academy

      100 Euros converts to 144$ .

      We don't have any class cycles , Every Students gets alone Individual Class whenever He/She wants to start .

      Age won't be an issue as there is no memorizing of anything (As done in some Courses) but you will catch up the language as you progress with the class .

      We have different methodology for every student , as every student differs in their ability to understand what is being thought to them .

      For more information on course that we offer , Please check our Website .

      Le Quran Academy


        Re: Online Islamic Academy

        MashAllah that is a great job , becuase there a lot of people are wishing to read and learn Quran specially in UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA ETC.. BUT they dont have good recources to read or learn Quran,, internet is one of the best way, to teach and let them learn all about Islam, AND QURAN..
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          Re: Online Islamic Academy

          If you want to Online Reading Quran, so pleace vist here: is an online Quran school which offers quran teaching services online. The school also teaches quran recitation and quran reading with translation.
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          We are providing Free Online Quran Education In Ramadan
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            Re: Online Islamic Academy

            Online Quran School, we provide the convenience online Quran reading with the help of Allah Almighty to all Muslims kids, children and adults at home especially in west countries because Mosque has many distance from home and you have face many difficulties in driving kids to the Mosque for Quran learning.