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Why don't we systemise this?

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  • Why don't we systemise this?


    Just an idead, dunno if it is practical or not. Maybe it's been done before and i don't know about it, if so let me know.

    I come here and theres all sorts of topics for learning arabic at different levels. So i was thinking why don't we just get one of the brothers or sisters who knows arabic and start up some proper on line lessons starting from the basics. They only have to be very short lessons everyday, but we start from the very basics and work up, so everyone can benefit like that.

    So for example the treachers frist lesson would be introducing the most common words such as "al" (the) "wa" (and) and then giving a few extra words like (Bait) house and then give a couple of basic grammatical rules for the lesson and then as examples give some sentences and then pose a small task at the end for the following dasy lesson?

    the the next day teacher gives another short lesson and so on.

    Of course it's up to the teacher how and what and when they wanna teach. Maybe the teacher can teach at different levels and for each level there would be a new thread.

    Of course it will be similar to a book but when you don't understand somet you can't ask a book, whereas here you can ask the teacher and a book is boring here, interacting with each other will be a bit more fun.

    Of course we must be able to read arabic script of our pc's also.

    of course teacher would need to be willing and dedicated and be able to teach and make examples and questions.

    I for one will like this and know that i can benefit from it inshalla.

    Of course it will need a little more planning and organisation.

    Just lemme know if its already happeing somewhere.

    wa salaam.

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    well if anyone does want these lessons, insha allah I could prepare some of the easier ones either from what I know or copying from all the arabic books i have (I got loads alhamdulillah, my dad is a book seller ;) ) and when I type arabic people can see it whatever encoding they have. But if they aren't going to be useful for anyone i dont want to do something noone is even going to use, so if people requested certain topics or something like that I can help insha allah. I don't speak arabic fluently tho but am not that bad at the basicish stuff
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