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    Arabic review for yourself

    These are not PDF but it gives an option to buy or not...........or to read on line or not,M1


      Reading (beginners) and peotry (Arabic)

      Help Yourself in Reading Holy Quran Arabic - English
      http://<br /> <br />

      Arabic Peotry
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        Temporary Arabic/Islam Folder

        The Quran Oxford version
        failed to upload 3 times on scribd so I uploaded it on esnips.
        It has mixed review so let me know??

        A glossary of Islamic terms
        Also failed to upload on scribd, it look ok I had a quick check of Aqida points didn't find any IKTILAF.

        Help Yourself in Reading
        this one in both scribd and esnips.
        (I will keep up as long I can Inshallah)

        You may find problems in ipaper convert but you can download the files.
        This (problem) only happens as some files are large and it takes time to covert, so they time out. (I think as I'm guessing this happens)
        Every time someone comes it coverts from the timeout place and eventually it opens up. (I think as I'm guessing this happens)

        If so you have two options either download or comeback in a few days.
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          Saudi minhaj book

          Last time I was in Riyadh.
          I visited this (ICO) organization as well as Bana Yadak publishers.
          I showed him (A Dr.from Jordon who writes Arabic/grammar books) the Saudi books.
          He said there are pointers/references I have on some of these books.
          He/organization is/are involed in writing some of the Saudi minhaj as well.
          So he said these books are better (see link).
          I read half of one while I was there and they also have a set for learning Islam (very well set out in 20 book form for seeera) . The person that writes the English minhaj is from the USA.
          The minhaj is from grade 1 to k-12 which is A levels in the UK.
          The Arabic learning books are well designed with English - Arabic vocab at the back.

          These might be better for people who want to buy books for childen rather than print outs and are designed for the foreign market and yet remain a very good standard for moving from level to level studies.
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            Alif Baa (old version)

            Here is Alif Baa,


            It’s the old edition very similar to the new edition that I purchase a few months ago. I was very disappointed with it as I expected better things from it. It’s better with the DVD.

            I finally finished reading it (after stopping on p16 –too much English)).
            Still need to finish the drills after LAM (it’s a DVD and this computer does not have that format.)

            I disliked it but when I saw a lot of junk that's out in the market it's not as bad as I first thought.
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              Al Ajrumiyyah Folder

              The Ajrumiyyah Folder is up. Alhamdullah.

              Most of it has already passed this thread except one.
              Some of it are repeat files due to vowels or different font/color etc

              There are about 10+ different versions on how to spell Al Ajrumiyyah. I kept the files in the same format as I downloaded them (except RAR files) so you will not download repeats.


              That odd I typing and still uploading and I have 3 visitors already. Slow down a bit still got 5 files to upload


                Bakkar stories

                There are 5 reading stories below is a English summary

                There are 3 files
                1 Bakkar book cover (picture of all the books)
                2 Bakkar at the dentist (as it was the shortest)
                3 RAR all the books


                While on his way to school, Bakkar goes to the temple and draws a picture of Horus to present in the school's competition. Bakkar finds a little bird crying because its baby fell from the nest and is trapped. Bakkar helps the bird and carries the baby back to the nest. The wind blows Bakkar's drawing away and he walks to school feeling very sad, especially when he sees all his friends presenting their work. But then we learn that good deeds always pay back when we find the bird bringing Bakkar's drawing back to him.

                Bakkar goes on a trip to the zoo with his friends. The supervisor leaves them and tells them to wander around the zoo and behave well around the animals. Bakkar tours around with his friend Hassouna and we are able to compare between good and bad manners. We see how Hassouna behaves badly and how in the end the lion scares him away. The children learn how to be polite with animals and treat them well.

                Did you know how much fun you can have at the library? In this story Bakkar decides that while he can play with his friends anytime, he would rather go to the library. Once at the library, Bakkar picks several adventure books and imagines that he too is inside the stories. What a world of imagination one can find at the library!

                Bakkar is sad because school is over. He explains to his surprised friend why he is not happy to be on summer holiday. He explains that school is fun. He likes to learn, play, and meet with his friends and teachers at school. He reminds his friend about all the interesting things they learn about every day, and he reminds him of school trips which are usually fun.

                Many children fear doctor visits in general and the dentist in particular. Bakkar goes to the dentist because he has a bad tooth which is hurting him. We see the dentist and the nurse kindly greeting him. The dentist removes the bad tooth with almost no pain and we see how happy Bakkar is. He makes it clear that a visit with the dentist can be very pleasant. Bakkar's pain is gone!



                  Sorry forgot to add a RAR for the Audio so you can download it.
                  It the second file now.



                    For Al Ajrummiyyah

                    I looked for some scholar's web sites (most of the info is not with me)

                    I found 2 but the format is (ra) at the end so I don't know how to listen to it.


                      Qatrun nadaa Folder is up

                      There are only two files.
                      1. there is the MATAN original text to the book and

                      2. the SHAR explanation (by Abullah Fawzan) of the explanation to Qatar (by ibn hisham)


                      I will try to look for Ibn hishams explanation. I did have it, its either in Kuwait or Saudi with brothers.

                      I will also look for Abdullah Fawzans lessons it's not on the web site.

                      They (ibn Khadun-I think) actually say there was nobody in MISR more knowledgeable than him in Arabic grammar (even the setter of grammar rules) SIBAWAYHI.


                        Madinah curriculum

                        Most of you probably know most of this but on the fatwaonline site


                        You can download the full course of what they used to study in Madina Universities.

                        There are 4 levels covered in 2 years full time.

                        Level 1
                        The first book is the Madinah grammar book.
                        Then there is the reading book.
                        Then there is speech/exercises.
                        The there is writing practice (which I did not do-looks good).

                        Sadly the curriculum now is a lot better and it would be nice if they updated this.


                          Arabic Level 1

                          Here are 3 files at Level one.

                          Level 1 means (beginners level for Arabs and not non-native Arab) so it is on the level of AlAjrumiyyah.


                          I will try to look for a SHAR for one of these books. InshAllah


                            Re: Free arabic pdf Arabic review

                            Here are 6 files at Level 2.

                            3 repeats in powerpoint or word and pdf

                            Level 2 means (intermidiate level for Arabs and not non-native Arab) so it is on the level of Qatrunnadaa)


                            Poetical Collection (Divan) of Al-Shafiee
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                              international stories for children


                              This book contains many international stories for children including: Katika, The Princess and the Hunter, The Silent Beauty, The Island of Peace, The Three Brothers, Joha and the Strange Horse, The Princess of the River, The Strange Jar, The Secret of the Blue Rug and The Bewitched Tree.



                                Updated ArabicGrammar with....

                                Essentials of Arabic Grammar for Learning Quranic Language (PDF)

                                A Hundred and One Rules (word & PDF)